Nourishing WISDOM Empowers Those with Autoimmune Disorders

Announcing the release of "Nourishing WISDOM," an empowering book for people with autoimmune disorders. Get a free copy on Amazon:

Surprise, AZ, November 26, 2012 --( Registered Dietitian Elisa Rodriguez understands what it means to endure chronic disease. Devoted to exploring nutritional strategies and root causes of autoimmune illnesses, Rodriguez lives vibrantly despite her battle with lupus, Raynaud’s, chilblains, food and environmental allergies – to name a few.

Her own disease is what prompted her to write the electronic book, Nourishing WISDOM: Heartfelt Conversations with a Disease-Defying Dietitian for People with Autoimmune Disorders. The book is designed to empower and inspire readers while sharing real life struggles surrounding invisible illness.

"Living with a chronic disease can often leave one feeling confused, misunderstood, and alone. When I was diagnosed with lupus, I wanted to learn from others who had success, but those stories were hard to find. This has prompted me to share my experiences," says Rodriguez.

Nourishing WISDOM reveals true struggles that Rodriguez has encountered, as a patient and practitioner, with highly successful behaviors to implement today. This quick read offers support to family and friends of those newly diagnosed, as well as those who are not-so-newly diagnosed.

At the end of each chapter, readers will find brief disease-defying action steps to encourage their thinking while prompting viewers to examine their care plan. Rodriguez explains, "By actively participating, readers have much to gain."

There is an increasing incidence of autoimmune conditions in the United States. More than 23 million people in the United States have an autoimmune disease. These odds indicate that for every 14 people you know, one of them has an autoimmune illness.

This holiday you can do something thoughtful for one of those 23 million. Either share this article or go here to download a free copy for that special friend or family member. "It would mean the world to have someone make this simple effort," says Rodriguez. Your thoughtfulness could make the difference in someone's health!

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Elisa Rodriguez