Multilizer Speeds Up Localization More Than 11%

New Multilizer 8.3 brings qualified machine translation to localization projects. By integrating patent-pending MT-Qualifier technology in Multilizer localization tools, Multilizer enables a new kind of productivity in all localization projects.

Helsinki, Finland, November 28, 2012 --( Multilizer provides a new 8.3 update for its market-proven localization software. The new Multilizer makes the localization even faster and provides integration to latest revolutionary cutting-edge and patent-pending technology to fully benefit from qualified machine translation.

Multilizer has released a new update of Multilizer localization and translation tool, which continues the market leading product family. Multilizer 8.3 is integrated with speed increasing technologies such as patent pending Machine Translation Quality Estimation technology, called MT-Qualifier. With MT-Qualifier the assisted translation will bring the qualified translations that require none or minimum post editing effort. Multilizer 8.3 has also new fine-tuned performance optimizations for multicore-CPU machines and enablement of Delphi Group Projects to support of easy management of big and challenging localization projects.

“We are happy to provide first in the world technology that makes translation work 11-50% faster,” says Niko Papula, Multilizer CEO. “The speed increase is so remarkable that it will change the translation fundamentals. Machine translation will be part of translation work in near future and with the help of trusted quality Multilizer will enable all benefits of it.”

Multilizer 8.3 is now available for demo use and purchasing. Try it and see the benefits from

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Multilizer is all about making localization activities easier for in the global market. Multilizer tools are built to benefit all parties involved in the localization and translation projects.

Since 1995, Multilizer has been used in localization projects in more than 5000 enterprises and 150 countries. Multilizer software solutions have a long history of innovation and providing leading edge technology, more than 120 million words are translated monthly with Multilizer tools. Multilizer can be used to localize most document or software formats.

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