Prescription Eyeglasses Company Creates Face Recognition Tool to Measure Pupil-to-Pupil Distance

Simply send in a photo to get the right prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses and eyewear frame-size online.

Austin, TX, November 28, 2012 --( Need prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses but don’t have the appropriate, pupil distance (PD) measurements? Today, Dr. Dhavid Cooper, CEO and Co-founder, announced his new technology that obtains PD measurements and frames sizes from a simple, online photo sent in by a customer at

“There was a huge need for this technology because many customers wanted to purchase prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, but they didn’t have the appropriate pupil distance measurements to complete their order online, and it was a hassle to get the data,” states Dr. Cooper. “Many times, the information is omitted from the prescription, current tools require a simulated PD-ruler and we receive approximately one out of ten prescriptions without a PD.”

Pupil distance is the measurement between the centers of the pupils or optical points of focus of the eyes. Traditionally, opticians use a PD mm ruler or a Pupillomer to measure this pupil-to-pupil distance. However, this process requires patients to be physically present, and estimates there can be as much as a plus or minus 2mm standard deviation between these two methods and between users.

To solve this pupil-to-pupil measurement issue, Dr. Cooper and his team created complex algorithms and mathematical equations using face-recognition software to accurately and consistently detect a two-dimensional object from a photo. This technology incorporates both types of traditional, PD-measurement, but it is done electronically so the patient does not need to be physically present.

To get a PD measurement for their prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, customers simply place a compact disc (CD) under their chin, take a photo capturing a full headshot and then e-mail the image to

“The results of our new, prescription eyeglasses technology show that measurements on 70% of subjects were identical to, or within 1mm accuracy of the doctor’s measurement, and no manual refining was needed by customer service,” states Clotilde Bedoya Marketing Manager. “Our initial results suggest the tool may prove to be even more accurate than physical, human measurement. This allows customers to save time, money and effort ordering their favorite eyewear online.”

In addition, “ holds a patent for determining a PD from a known object,” states Dr. Cooper. “This tool expands on the patent we currently have. We will continue to lead innovation in the online eyewear space, and will release two, additional ground-breaking-enhancements to this technology early 2013.”

To learn more about this technology and get the latest, prescription eyeglasses and designer, prescription sunglasses, visit

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