Westland Commodities Names New Head for International Brokerage Sales Service

Westland Commodities, one of the world’s fastest budding trading service providers of commodity and brokerage related products, recently revealed the appointment of Mr. Harry Thomson as the new head of the firm’s International Brokerage Sales Service Division. Previously, Harry Thomson was Westland Commodities’ Global Research Team Supervisor.

London, United Kingdom, November 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Mr. Harry Thomson has nearly two decades of brokerage experience, but he excelled most in foreign exchange service. In his previous job assignment with Westland Commodities, he successfully planned and promoted online trading platforms, worked on managed futures trading operations, conducted well-researched market commentaries and administered the firm’s actual spot pricing.

Given this new and challenging job assignment; Harry Thomson will take full responsibility of building and purposely dealing with the international operations of the Brokerage Sales Service Division of Westland Commodities. He will be focused on the global foreign exchange operations of the firm and hedge funds and in the long run establish a business rapport with large business institutions worldwide while continuously offering its latest trading technology. Harry Thomson will be based in Germany.

Commenting on his new role as the Division Head of the International Brokerage Sales Service, Mr. Harry Thomson expressed: “Our main focus here is to tap the global leadership in foreign exchange trading and this is a gigantic step toward global participation on the currently trending foreign exchange industry. I am excited at the same time challenged for I cannot yet define how far would I go as far as my experience is concern. However, with the professional support of my team as well as the competence of our trading platforms, I am hoping that we can effectively provide the needed requirements of some institutional investors.”

“In the same way, I feel confident that our initial step will be a big wave towards global expansion. Our step is in response to the remarkable growth and global demands for foreign exchange service over the past years and this is our innovative approach to the tremendous demands of international forex traders,” Harry Thomson added.

Furthermore, Mr. Harvey McElroy, the Managing Director of Westland Commodities, is confident with Mr. Harry Thomson’s professionalism, dedication and expertise. He is also convinced that Harry Thomson will bring significant development to the entire foreign exchange industry. “Harry Thomson’s enormous trading experience and exhaustive knowledge of the industry and the modern demands of online foreign exchange trading service is definitely a real asset to Westland Commodities. We are very proud of him as a new addition to the global team of our expansion program,” said Mr. McElroy.
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