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One calm afternoon, six sniper shots blow & 5 are dead. The shooter leaves enough traces and gets caught but he denies the crime and refuses to talk to anyone except Jack Reacher, an ex-army cop.

Ahmedabad, India, November 30, 2012 --( Jack Reacher One Shot is a fast paced thriller novel with an interesting plot. Somewhere in the Indiana state loud sounds of six sniper shots are heard in the calmness of an afternoon. The sniper is perhaps foolish enough to leave the traces behind and gets caught by the police easily. It's a slam dunk case for the police officers but just then the man tells the police nothing but just that he's the wrong one. He asks policemen to get Jack Reacher for him.

Jack Reacher is an ex-US military policeman Major and is wandering all the time all over USA without any specific contact details. He is found in Miami relaxing his retirement with a Norwegian blonde. He's is no mood to stick around at one place and keeps on moving and tries to avoid troubles but it seems like troubles don't like to leave him alone and he is summoned by the Indiana Police.

By the time, the Indiana Police gets Reacher in the town; the guy caught for the crime is brutally beaten and is barely in the condition to recall the events of that fatal day. However, Reacher meets him and tries to solve the jigsaw puzzle laid in front of him by trying to find the evidences and calculating the happenings of that day.

He is soon finds himself in a battlefield trying to explore the truth of the case and gets closer to the unseen enemy bit by bit and shot by shot. But does he really crack the mystery of the murders case? Will he catch hold of the unknown and unseen enemy who's pulling the strings from the unknown space? Will he be able to match up with the cunningness of enemy?

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About the Author:

Lee Child is a pen name of Jim Grant, who was born in Great Britain. His early influences have been Enid Blyton, W.E. Johns & Alistair McLean. Initially he worked with Granada Television as a presentation director. He quit the job in 1995 and got into writing novels. His very first novel ‘Killing Floor' was awarded with Anthony Award for the best first novel. Ever since then he has never looked back and wrote several best sellers. He is popularly known for creating a fictional character of Jack Reacher who is portrayed as a US Army Military Police Major in most of his novels and he wanders all across the United States.
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