DIY- I HATE MY BATH! Shows Off POJJO's Vanity Valet Extreme

Jeff Devlin turns a basic bathroom into a rock and roll experience by hidding accessories (like your blow dryer, flat iron, and curling irons) and focusing on style.

Dallas, TX, July 31, 2012 --( You often access you bathroom to begin your day and to end it (at a minimum). Imagine beginning your day with upbeat funk and ending it in style as well. That is the potential effect of a bathroom remodel.

DIY's I HATE MY BATH will take a cookie-cutter bathroom and turn it into funky, rock 'n' roll style. Michelle and Bryan, the owners, have spent the last few years adding colorful, modern touches to their house, but are completely stumped when it comes to their boring master bath. DIY's Jeff Devlin gives the new space rockstar treatment with industrial metal panels in the shower, sparkly painted lips on the wall, modern floating vanities, hidden storage solutions, a new decked out tub, and a custom backlit water feature!

Episode 202 will premier POJJO's new Vanity Valet Extreme on October 21, 2011 to hide but allow functional use of Michelle's blow dryer, flat iron, curling irons, and other hair products. Within a modern bathroom she can easily access all her tools by pulling the handle of the cabinet door to showcase the Extreme. A power strip centralizes all electrical access while wire clips save Michelle from ever unwrapping cords. Instead she simply turns the knob and releases her cord to use the associated tool.

While we can all light candles to create a single moment of ambiance in a bathroom, the trick is to design so that the feeling can be captured every moment you spend in the lavatory.
Natalie Levi