International Artists Unite to End Child Poverty

Musicians from ten countries band together to send a unified message: “The insanity of extreme child poverty will no longer be tolerated.”

Kitchener, Ont., Canada, July 20, 2007 --( July 2007 marks the launch of the new Worldview website, where you can watch music videos by sixteen international artists and also hear what they have to say about child poverty. Amanda Baker, one of the featured vocalists from Australia says “It's hard to comprehend that a child dies every three seconds, but that is the reality.” Gill Perssons from South Africa adds “Why don't you consider doing what you can to sponsor one of these incredible gifts?”

In addition to music videos, the website connects to Christian Children's Fund, Compassion, Plan and World Vision, as well as other international child poverty organizations including Unicef and Make Poverty History. Visitors to the site can also take an animated virtual tour to learn how child sponsorship works, or play the United Nations World Food Program's educational video game Food Force. (The World Food Program uses Worldview's virtual tour as a teacher's resource for the game.)

Site creator Stephen Jarnick wants people to take action. “We're hoping that after someone checks out the featured charities they'll say to themselves “Today's the day I'm going to start sponsoring a child.””

Worldview is a volunteer movement based in Canada that teaches how child sponsorship works and encourages radical generosity. It is not a charity and it doesn't accept donations.

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