Majority Says U.S. Economy Not Recovering, Survey Shows

A new survey shows that the over whelming majority of respondents do not feel the U.S. economy is in a recovery.

Destin, FL, November 30, 2012 --( An over-whelming majority of Americans believe the U.S. is not yet under going an economic recovery, according to a new survey conducted by Money, which surveys consumers on economic issues and provides insight to reduce costs on consumer products to reduce and eliminate debt.

Eighty-one percent of those surveyed said they do not feel the U.S. economy is making progress towards an economic recovery. Money Journal was launched to help consumers save a lot of money on everything and provide information to improve household money management. High unemployment and looming debt are hurting millions. But there are lots of ways to save on everything from a home mortgage to power bills and gasoline.

Until the Great Recession, modern day households had never seen the record number of homeowners foreclosed and the historically high number of Americans on food stamps since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans are still struggling but there are a lot of ways they can save money to stretch each and every dollar, which Money Journal provides.

Wall Street and bankers formed an unprecedented alliance to send the nation’s economy into a disaster in 2008 along with millions of Americans. Millions of homeowners have been through foreclosure, with millions more expected to suffer the same fate.

Money Journal offers insight for consumers to improve their financial situation, including popular easy to follow lists like 7 Steps to Get out of Debt Sooner and 5 Steps to Being Debt Free. The U.S. savings rate and the unemployment level are slowly improving in many regions of the nation as the economy shows signs of improving, but the majority doesn’t think the economy is in an economic recovery yet.
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