Money Journal Announces Best Real Estate Markets

As the U.S. housing market makes a major recovery from its downfall, Money Journal releases its annual best real estate markets forecasts for 2014. - January 08, 2014

Money Journal Survey Shows Majority Spend Less on Chirstmas

A majority of survey participants said they are spending less on Christmas gifts this year than last, but only by a slim margin. - December 19, 2013

Money Journal Survey Finds Majority Optimistic on Economy

A new Money Journal survey has found that the majority feel optimistic about the U.S. economic recovery. - November 20, 2013

Money Journal Survey Shows American Dream Waning

Weak consumer confidence may be leading to a decline in the American Dream, a new survey has found. - November 06, 2013

Money Journal Names Wealthiest Movie Stars

Some of the wealthiest movie stars in Hollywood may surprise you. Money Journal researched the movie industry to determine the wealthiest stars, which it is releasing online. - October 30, 2013

Money Journal Survey Shows Americans Lack Drive to be Wealthy

A new Money Journal survey shows that a huge majority of Americans lack the drive to be wealthy. - October 23, 2013

Money Journal Poll Shows Majority Work to be Wealthy

A new Money Journal poll shows that the over-whelming majority of respondents are working hard with hopes to be wealthy. - October 10, 2013

Money Journal Poll Shows Majority Feel US Government Corrupt

A new Money Journal poll shows the majority feel that the U.S. government is corrupt. - September 25, 2013

Money Journal Survey Shows Consumers Want Banks Closely Monitored

A new Money Journal survey shows that consumers want banks regulated more closely to prevent another financial crisis. - September 10, 2013

Money Journal Survey Finds Huge Majority Feel US in Economic Recession

An over-whelming majority of respondents to a new Money Journal survey feel the U.S. is still in an economic recession. - August 22, 2013

Money Journal Survey Shows Only One Third Able to Save Money

A new Money Journal survey shows that only one third of those surveyed are able to save money. - August 14, 2013

Money Journal Reports Investor Home Buying Slows

Investors buying homes have slowed for the third straight month, according to a new report by Money Journal. - July 31, 2013

Money Journal Survey Shows Huge Majority Feel Ripped Off

A huge majority feel they have been ripped off by banks, according to a new survey just completed by - July 16, 2013

Poll Shows US Greed Survives

A new poll taken by Money Journal shows that greed survives in the U.S. five years after the financial crisis meltdown. - July 04, 2013

Two-Thirds Say Home Prices Won’t Reach Old Highs

A new survey finds that almost two-thirds of those polled feel that home prices won't hit the stratospheric highs they did during the real estate bubble. - June 19, 2013

Poll Shows Surge in Economic Optimism

A new poll by Money Journal finds a surge in economic optimism over consumers own financial situations. - June 08, 2013

Americans Feel Rich with $2- to $3-Million

A majority of Americans would feel rich with $2-million to $3-million, according to a new survey by Money - May 15, 2013

Poll Shows Economic Recovery Will Take Years

A huge majority say the economy is likely to take many more years to recover, according to a new poll by - April 30, 2013

Majority Says They Don’t Feel Richer

A new poll has found that a huge majority of consumers don't feel any richer than they did seven years ago, despite improvements in the U.S. economy. - April 03, 2013

New US Housing Boom Forms

A new report by Money Journal shows that a new housing boom has formed in the U.S. - March 27, 2013

Savings Rate Surges as Economy Improves

The economy is getting better, at least in some households, according to a new Money Journal poll, which found the savings rate is surging. - March 20, 2013

Best Cheap Beers, Top US Cities and Best Real Estate in 2013

The best cheap beers, top U.S. cities and best cities for real estate in 2013 have been named by Money Journal. - March 13, 2013

Majority Blame Banks for Financial Crisis

Nearly five years after the economy almost collapsed, the majority blame banks for letting the financial crisis materialize, according to a newly released survey. - March 05, 2013

Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate

The best cities to invest in real estate selected by Money Journal in 2013 have an over supply of foreclosures and other discount priced homes. - February 19, 2013

Large Majority Make Less Money, Survey Shows

A new survey shows that more than two out of three Americans make less money than they did ten years ago. - February 13, 2013

Best Real Estate Markets in 2013 Announced

The best real estate markets in 2013 have been released by, which provides insight on stocks, bonds, real estate and all sorts of other investments. - February 06, 2013

US Economy Likely to Improve in 2013

A new survey by Money shows that the U.S. economy is likely to improve in 2013, despite headwinds facing the nation. - January 22, 2013

Wealthiest Cities in 2013 Announced

The wealthiest U.S. cities announced in 2013 by Money Journal are in eight states scattered throughout the country, and aren't just the big metropolitan centers you'd expect. - January 16, 2013

Study Reveals Best US Cities to Find Work

A new study conducted by Money Journal reveals the best 10 US cities to find work for the unemployed. Some of these big towns just might surprise you. - December 19, 2012

Majority Says U.S. Economy Not Recovering, Survey Shows

A new survey shows that the over whelming majority of respondents do not feel the U.S. economy is in a recovery. - November 30, 2012

Money Journal Launched to Offer Help

Money Journal has been launched to offer help to consumers to save money on everything and reduce and eliminate debt. - November 27, 2012

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