New York Plantings’ Custom Planter Boxes Primes Their Going Green Project

New York's Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors prime service, custom planter box building and installation, marks their continuing goal in their “Going Green” featuring their latest project in Manhattan, New York.

New York, NY, December 01, 2012 --( New York Plantings, the leading garden designers and landscape contractors, continues their “Going Green” Project, “Making New York Beautiful, One Yard at a Time”, as they finish a remarkable feat in making an outdoor 10 feet planter box in Ipe hardwood at Manhattan, NY with their prime service in building customized planter boxes.

The outdoor 10 feet custom planter box in Manhattan is made of ¾ inch high-grade marine plywood using stainless steel fasteners to attach 5/4 inch thick Ipe fascia which made the planter box strong and could last for decades. The inside of the planter is lined with a waterproof membrane, EPDM rubber, so that soil and water would not touch the planter’s wood; eliminating problems such as rotting of fascia, separating of parts, and bowing. Preparing for cultivation, the inside bottom of the planter is then filled with gravel for drainage and filter fabric was placed on top to separate soil, making a good foundation and to start proper drainage. New York Plantings Irrigation Specialist used a special drainage system to control drain water from spillage by routing waste water through a tube in the rear of the planter. New York Plantings horticulturist finishes the project by choosing the plants and flora suited to the place.

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors specifically build planter boxes according to clients’ specification, garden design and landscape needs. From materials ranging from brick, cement, up to their Ipe hardwood expertise, customers would be assured that New York Plantings’ landscape contracting crews build and install planter boxes, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also are designed to function better than ordinary pre-made or typical online planters. New York Plantings garden designers and carpenters make planters stable to support plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers against high winds as well as increasing soil volumes to hold root systems for decades, eliminating the need for transplanting, and protect the roots during harsh winters. With the joint expertise of New York Plantings’ Garden Designers and Irrigation Specialists, they combine aesthetics and functionality with their technique in engineering custom planter boxes, at the same time introducing proper irrigation system to every project’s design with a simple, effective and maintenance-free drainage system that would prevent fungus and stagnant water in causing damage and disease to root systems.

New York Plantings Garden Designer and Landscape Contractors, specializing Asian Garden Design, take every project with superb knowledge in building custom planter boxes and their expertise in determining the best ways to support garden plant’s health. New York Plantings Master Gardeners, with their “Going Green” Project, also maintains and services gardens, and offers other gardening design and services such pergola, patio and gazebo building, vertical gardening, water features, outdoor carpentry services, tree house, garden restorations and many more. Their office is located at Box 1229, 432 E14th St., Manhattan, NY 10009. For more information about their services, contact (347) 558 7051 or visit their website at or mail them at for inquires.

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