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Ahmedabad, India, December 02, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Heirs of Catriona is a fantasy novel filled with action, adventure, drama, and magic. Sara and Crystal are two ordinary teenage girls but one fine day they are made aware of their real life. They are actually princesses of the utopian magic land called Catriona. They also discover the secret that their mothers are the actual rulers of Catriona but a wicked queen named Merissa has imprisoned them. Now, their biggest task is to free their mothers from the Merissa’s prison and also give the rightful ruler to their magical land.

However, the twist of the story does not just end for the two young princesses in finding their mothers. They first need to find their kingdom Catriona. This kingdom does not exist on any of the maps on Earth. Hence, their quest and journey to the magical land commences. En route they are met with many hurdles and dangers brought in by the deadly creatures, evil sorcerers and manipulative gods.

Will Sara and Crystal be able to find the mystical land of Catriona? Will they be able to overcome all the deadly monsters and fatal magic on their way to their kingdom? Will they be able to release their mothers from the traps of Queen Merrissa?

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About the Author:

Anusha Subramanian is a child prodigy who has written a series of fantasy novels about the utopian world called Catriona. Heirs of Catriona is one of the parts of this fantasy story written by the writer at the age of 12. She is still in her seventh grade and is a voracious reader and a writer already. She is studying in one of the leading schools in Mumbai presently.
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