Japan Your Way - PacSet Launches Its 2013 Summer to Remember Campaign

Japan tour company PacSet Tours has launched a new tour lineup for Summer 2013, including tours from both Los Angeles and New York City and one of the first tours from North America to Japan's isolated Ogasawara Islands.

Torrance, CA, December 04, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Capitalizing upon their successful first year, PacSet Tours is proud to announce a massive new tour lineup for the Summer 2013 season. Called the "Summer To Remember," PacSet's Summer 2013 lineup includes tours for anime fans, explorers, students, casual travelers, and anyone looking for an unforgettable vacation. Among the offerings are two industry firsts: the first summer anime tour that includes a flight from Los Angeles or New York City, and one of the first tours from North America to the isolated tropical Ogasawara Islands. In total, the tours will visit over 25 destinations within Japan and offer some of the most creative - and inexpensive - tour packages ever offered on the market.

To celebrate the new lineup, PacSet is offering a series of companion discounts for any of the summer tours to customers that book by January 31. Groups of two get $50 off per person, groups of three get $75 off per person, and groups of four or more receive $100 off for all members of their group. Furthermore, all tours can be paid for with PacSet's Monthly Payment Plan, which allows customers to split payments for their tours into manageable monthly installments.

"We wanted to create a summer lineup that not only offers something for everyone, but also makes Japan more affordable than ever," says PacSet Director Evan Liu. "If you've long believed that Japan is inaccessible or expensive, we look forward to changing your mind."

The tours in the Summer 2013 Lineup are as follows:

- The Sand and the Stars: Start summer early in April with cherry blossoms and the tropical beaches of Okinawa
- The Narrow Road: Guests will visit multiple hot springs while following an old samurai highway
- Hokkaido Adventure: A trip through the cities, mountains, and beauty of Japan's northernmost island
- Drawn to Manga: An inexpensive tour for aspiring comic artists and art fans
- School of Summer: A student oriented tour across Japan at a bargain price
- NYC Hearts Japan: A tour of Anime hotspots and summer festivals that departs from NYC and LA
- Lost Islands: A special tour of the remote tropical Ogasawara Islands
- Summer Matsuri: The best of summer in Japan with fireworks and three days at a hot spring
- Local Eats: A tour of Japan's finest "hole-in-the-wall" eateries and culinary establishments
- Gamer Heaven: A video game tour with daily tournaments for tour participants

Prices for the tours start at $255 a month and up, with some tours offering a selection of packages that give guests the chance to enhance or extend their trip. Guests can also book certain tours back to back and take advantage of special "multi-tour" discounts. For more information, customers are invited to visit http://www.pacsettours.com/summer2013/ or e-mail info@pacsettours.com. PacSet can also be reached by calling (310)218-3816 between 9AM and 6PM Pacific Standard Time.

About PacSet Tours

Built with the fans of Japanese and Asian pop culture in mind, PacSet Tours offers a wide variety of Japan tours that blend both traditional and pop cultures, while also allowing guests to customize their experience. PacSet also specializes in tours for student groups in Japan and travel arrangements for independent travelers. To learn more or make a booking, visit http://www.pacsettours.com/, e-mail info@pacsettours.com, or call (310) 218-3816.
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