Small Team Building a Fair Global Economy

The technology start-up company,, launched today in the emerging Toronto technology community. Sprmarket is an online platform that easily allows users to build online storefronts. Sprmarket gives users the ability to promote, manage and conduct business all on one platform. Sprmarket is also a global marketplace that allows users to discover and recommend products using their social circle. Doing so, users will earn a commission off of every sale.

Toronto, Canada, December 06, 2012 --( “Sprmarket has been made into a global community and market that allows businesses to be promoted by the community itself solely based on the quality of product or service,” said Kasra Eghbaldar, Sprmarket founder and CEO. Businesses now have the most user- friendly solution for the emerging problem of creating an online presence. Furthermore, Sprmarket has accomplished to effectively use word of mouth marketing to gain virality for products and organizations.

Sprmarket was build by a small group of programmers based in Toronto, with the main purpose of creating a level playing ground for all businesses. With Sprmarket, no business is dwarfed by the economical strength of giant corporations. In the process of creating this community, it has given everyone the opportunity to build businesses with global reach. is now open to the public, letting a small number of the population to have full access to the platform. It has planned to allow mass public use within the upcoming months.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing categories in technology. Sales in e-commerce are expected to double between 2010 and 2015, according to eMarketer. For years, a handful of companies, such as Amazon, eBay, and Zappos have dominated this field. Within the last year, various organizations have attempted to innovate the e-commerce formula. This includes many social-based companies such as Fab, Groupon and Pinterest.

Sprmarket has emerged in this space by taking the most innovate approach to re-inventing the e-commerce formula. not only gives beautiful, easy and holistic growing power to businesses, it also serves consumers by giving them the power to precisely search and discover the best possible product they are looking for, and earn money in the process.
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