New Alternative to Heavy Periods

Heavy periods plague more women than you might think. Some physicians are turning to a simple procedure to help solve this in women across the country.

Freehold, NJ, December 06, 2012 --( Women are constantly battling with their menstrual cycles. Whether it’s heavy bleeding, excessive cramps, or even depression and fatigue, many women struggle to maintain their day-to-day lives while experiencing extreme menstrual cycles.

But what many women do not know is that this extreme menstrual cycle is a condition known as abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) or menorrhagia, with one in four women suffering from AUB.

The physicians at Healthy Woman OB/GYN, located in both Freehold and Colts Neck, are using a new technique that provides results in a simple procedure.

“In the past, thermoablation was the only option for women, which meant heavy scarring. Now, we have cryoablation,” says Dr. Rebecca Cipriano of Healthy Woman OB/GYN.

Cryoablation uses sub-zero temperatures to reduce or eliminate the uterine lining. The cold temperatures freeze the lining, and with the uterine lining reduced or eliminated, there’s less tissue to shed each period. The result means dramatically less menstrual bleeding for women, along with minimal scarring, no need for hormonal supplements, and high success rate.

The natural analgesic affect of these low temperatures also reduces patient discomfort during the procedure. Plus, ultrasound guidance during the procedure lets your doctor monitor the therapy as it happens, offering an additional level of safety.

“We are so fortunate to have cryoablation as an option now. In a twelve minute office procedure 90 per cent of patients can have a lighter cycle and 50 per cent of pts close to 50 years lose their cycle altogether,” says Dr. Rebecca Cipriano of Healthy Woman OB/GYN.

Cryoablation is a great alternative for a hysterectomy. Women who seek to reduce, if not eliminate menstrual cycles altogether and are finished having children should consider this healthy alternative.

“Compared with hormones to lighten the cycle that hold risks of breast cancer and increased risks of high blood pressure and stroke, and hysterectomy which hold a six-week recovery time, giving cryo a chance just makes sense,” says Dr. Rebecca Cipriano of Healthy Woman OB/GYN.

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