Paws On Your Heart's "Name the New Kitten" Contest Winner Announced

Saskatoon, Canada, December 13, 2012 --( Paws On Your Heart's "Name the New Kitten" contest has ended, and the rescue group's search for a name to give the newest member of their sanctuary has also ended. They received some excellent entries, and ultimately decided upon the name Bindi, submitted by Telane.

The two-and-a-half month old kitten was made the star of three videos on the sanctuary's YouTube channel, which can be found here:

Paws On Your Heart ran this contest in order to raise awareness about stray and feral kittens, especially those who are without food or shelter over the holidays. Homeless cats and kittens are especially vulnerable at this time of year, so the sanctuary asks readers to keep an eye out for any cats that may be in need, and to please consider putting out blankets, water, and/or food to help them survive.

To see the official winner announcement, visit the Paws On Your Heart website:
Paws On Your Heart
Niki Rebin