Brow and Upper Eyelid: a Multispecialty Approach

Beverly Hills, CA, December 06, 2012 --( Dr. Guy Massry – Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery – Beverly Hills, California – is proud to introduce the publication a new issue of “Plastic Surgery Clinics,” titled “Brow and Upper Eyelid: A Multispecialty Approach.” Plastic Surgery Clinics is a well-respected publication which covers various topics related to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. This latest release is a 240 page detailed review of all aspects of Forehead/Eyebrow and Eyelid surgery. This issue is edited by Dr. Massry and his colleague, Dr. Babak Azizzadeh. It is comprised of 20 chapters in total. There are four section editors, one each in plastic surgery (Farzad Nahai, MD), facial plastic surgery (Jennifer Kim, MD), dermatology (Doris Day, MD), and oculoplastic surgery (Julie Woodward, MD). These section editors are innovators and leaders in their respective fields. In addition there are four forwards written for the text by senior physicians with worldwide acclaim (Drs Roger Daily, Foad Nahai, Mack Cheney, and Mitchel Goldman).

This mini text is unique in that it is multidisciplinary in construct with shared views by the core cosmetic facial specialists. This reduces bias and presents the most contemporary and true depiction of aesthetic rejuvenation of the upper face.

Here is a link to the online version of the text:

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Dr Guy Massry