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A.V.I.D. Students Join End Malaria - Blue Ribbon Campaign

"Student Leaders Against Malaria" network established by Malaria Foundation International welcomes A.V.I.D. students from Shivela Middle School, Murietta, CA, USA. Students use End Malaria- Blue Ribbon Symbol as they raise $1065 to fight malaria.

Atlanta, GA, July 21, 2007 --( The Malaria Foundation International is proud to join hands with a class of A.V.I.D (Advancement via Individual Determination) students who contacted the organization as part of their own outreach efforts to work beyond the classroom to help achieve global health. A.V.I.D is a worldwide organization dedicated to students who need additional direction and support to achieve their goal--acceptance to a four-year university. The A.V.I.D. curriculum is multi-faceted providing academic support through tutorial sessions while fine-tuning students' organizational skills.

Eighth grade A.V.I.D. students from Shivela Middle School in Murietta, California and their teacher, Ms. Mollie Tammone, contacted the MFI eager to support the organization’s fight against malaria and join the End Malaria – Blue Ribbon campaign. The students developed their own presentation materials to educate others in their school about malaria and its devastating impact on the global community. Their plan included a “Dollars for Disease Fundraiser”. The students made home-made nets and collected dollars in the schools science and history classes. The teachers of these classes joined in by lecturing on malaria. Each donor received an End Malaria - Blue Ribbon pin and the satisfaction of helping to save lives.

Malaria is present in over 100 countries, predominantly in the tropical and poorest regions of the world. 300 to 500 million people become sick with malaria each year and about 3,000 die each day, mostly children. A.V.I.D students raised $1,065 for the purchase of Long lasting Insecticide Treated Nets to protect individuals and families from the bites of Plasmodium carrying mosquitoes.

Plasmodium is the name of the parasitic organism that causes malaria. Insecticide treated nets are one of a number of tools in the fight against malaria. Elimination of mosquito breeding sites, insecticide treatment of homes, early diagnosis, and prompt and effective treatment of the illness are also very important. Economic development with improved housing is a long term goal, recognized by the A.V.I.D. students.

“This has been important learning experience for my students”, said Ms. Tammone. “They not only raised funds for an important cause, but spread the word effectively throughout our school. Next year, we plan to expand our efforts and take this project to another level of learning and accomplishment.” We at MFI welcome the partnership of A.V.I.D. students and teachers. “They are a compassionate and highly motivated group”, said Dr. Mary Galinski, president of the MFI. “They are natural Student Leaders Against Malaria and we welcome them to our growing network of dedicated “SLAM” participants.”

Dr. Mary Galinski, President, MFI
Dr. Esmeralda Meyer, South American Liaison, MFI
Dr. Cindy Korir, African Liaison, MFI

Ms. Mollie Tammone, Teacher, A.V.I. D. students; Shivela Middle School, Murietta, CA

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Dr. Mary R. Galinski