Film Vet Ashaine Briscoe Enters the Spotlight with Quirky, Heartfelt New Shorts

Long-time production assistant and art director Ashaine Briscoe is making her writing, directing, and producing debut with new short film Roadside Assistance.

Atlanta, GA, December 09, 2012 --( Filmmaker Ashaine Briscoe has just made her debut as a screenwriter, director, and producer—but to call her a novice would be an incredible oversight. In reality, Briscoe has been working in film for years, developing an almost preternaturally accomplished and diverse resume that includes credits as a Production Assistant, an Art Director, and more. She has worked on TV commercials and music videos, and her keen eye and visual flair have landed her design spots in leading glamour magazines. Now, however, it is Briscoe’s time to shine, and to unleash the full extent of her creative vision, with a new short film called Roadside Assistance.

Just released via digital film service Distrify, Roadside Assistance is available for purchase or for rental; the film offers a surreal, comedic take on modern relationships that is, according to Briscoe, based loosely on her years of living in Atlanta. “Like a lot of cities, this one has a lot of people who are searching for love and fulfillment, but it also has a lot of pretenders,” the filmmaker notes. The movie, which Briscoe describes as a “dramedy,” is almost a parable for the modern world; the action centers on a woman whose car breaks down, but as different men stop to lend a hand, she finds fault with each one, shooing them away.

The movie was penned by Briscoe and shot on location in Atlanta. It heralds the arrival of a vibrant, unique new voice in cinema - and it makes clear that Briscoe’s years of work behind-the-scenes have more than prepared her for her time in the limelight. “Working as a wardrobe stylist or as a production assistant gives you insight into all of the seemingly minor decisions that go into making a great film, a piece of art that inspires, entertains, and provokes thought,” she remarks. “All of my past experiences have given me a lot of confidence in bringing my vision to the screen.”

Roadside Assistance is in many ways the filmmaker’s proper debut, but it is hardly the last time film buffs will hear from her. Briscoe has two more short movies in the pipeline, and she plans to begin shooting both of them - simultaneously - in Miami, beginning in February. One movie is Man Down, a more conventional drama that Briscoe wrote many months ago, and which she describes as a story about “independent women pursuing the wrong things, allowing themselves to be conformed to society’s mold.” The movie’s Caribbean flavor is what led Briscoe to choose Miami as her filming location. The second movie, Somebody’s Watching, is a relationship story disguised as an espionage drama.

Briscoe’s plan to shoot the two movies simultaneously is unorthodox, but she is no stranger to shaking up industry conventions; the filmmaker previously made headlines for her decision to shoot Roadside Assistance entirely in one day. Ashaine Briscoe’s instincts for innovation come from the work she has done alongside major creative forces like Beyonce and Jay-Z, for whom she provided wardrobe pieces to. Additionally, Briscoe has worked on music videos for the likes of R. Kelly, and commercials for major brands such as Sears and Earthlink.

Now, with the release of Roadside Assistance and the two other movies in the works, Briscoe feels as though she is doing what she is meant to do. “Working in support roles on these other projects is something I will forever be grateful for, but there is nothing more rewarding than receiving the opportunities to tell my own stories, on my terms,” she says.


Ashaine Briscoe is a writer, director, and producer, currently living and working in the Atlanta area. Her short film debut, Roadside Assistance, is currently available for online purchase or rental; Briscoe is shooting her next two projects, Man Down and Somebody’s Watching, in February 2013. In addition to her work on short films, she has also worked in the wardrobe and art departments for major concert, films, music videos, commercials, and feature-length movies. More information about Ashaine Briscoe and her movies can be found at
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