Paperless Payroll Saves Time, Money and the Environment

Best practices for businesses now include "going green"

Lewisville, TX, July 20, 2007 --( Did you know that despite the increased use of the Internet and digital technology, paper consumption for most businesses is actually increasing by 20 percent every year? And according to industry experts, one of the main sources of office paper waste is payroll processing.

According to Charles Read, CEO and Founder of, the average size company with a bi-weekly payroll of 40 employees requires two pounds of paper every two weeks, or 52 pounds a year to print those payroll checks and reports, put them in pay envelopes and deliver them. Multiply that by the millions of businesses nationwide and you are looking at hundreds of thousands of tons of wasted paper, significant deforestation and increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

Switching to paperless payroll has proven benefits to a company’s bottom-line and to the environment. Says Mr. Read, “We decided early on that we wanted to provide payroll service, especially to the small business owner, at the most effective price point possible. We realized that to do that we had to use the latest and the very best technology available. That meant using the Internet and going completely electronic. But what started out purely as a cost saving approach to payroll services for our clients grew into the realization that by providing a 100 percent paperless solution, we were actually saving our clients even more money by reducing energy costs and reducing the negative impact on the environment.”

Studies have shown that an average size company can save over $150,000 per year by going paperless for payroll as well as achieve substantial environmental benefits. Add to that the much smaller margin for error in paperless payroll and according to Mr. Read, “today there is absolutely no reason for a business to still have a paper payroll system.”

Charles J. Read is the founder current President of Mr. Read is a licensed CPA and has an MBA from the University of North Texas. Mr. Read is a long time Rotarian and club officer of the Rotary Club of Dallas, Texas. He is also a member of the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce and the American Payroll Association. is a pioneer in the development of a fully secure, 100 percent paperless payroll solution.

Charles Read