Dog Lovers Reap Reward for Inviting Friends to Dating Site

Driffield, United Kingdom, July 22, 2007 --( The leading dating site for dog lovers has now decided to reward its members for inviting their friends to their own social network. founder Derek Collinson said "We have a scheme already in place for rewarding affiliates so we thought why not use the same scheme to reward our members when they invite friends to join their social network or circle of friends on our website.

"And we have just made it a whole lot easier for members to invite their friends. All they have to do is to add the email addresses of their friends one at a time, copy and paste them or click on the AOL, Hotmail, MSN Mail, Mac Mail, Yahoo Mail or Gmail logos to import their entire address books."

As well as giving one month's free Premium Membership for every 10 friends invited who become members are now offering a hefty financial incentive when these friends take out subscriptions.

All members will be entered in the scheme automatically. The rewards can be substantial because for each initial subscription will pay 50% commission and for every subscription paid by the same friend after the first they will pay 20% commission for as long as that friend subscribes.

Members can login at any time and look at reports telling them how much they have earned.

Derek added "This is a unique opportunity for our members because from inviting their friends to join their social network they will now benefit in three ways - more match making opportunities, free Premium Membership for every 10 invited friends who register and a generous reward for all the friends they invite who take out a paid subscription.

"You could say that we're handing our members everything on a plate to enable them to find love, make friends, have fun and make money."

Derek Collinson