Single Dog Owners Given Key to New (Improved) Shangri La Absolutely Free

Today Single Dog Owners are being offered the key to a new and improved Shangri La absolutely free by the world’s leading dating site for dog lovers, - December 07, 2007

Dog Lovers Reap Reward for Inviting Friends to Dating Site

The leading dating site for dog lovers has now decided to reward its members for inviting their friends to their own social network. founder Derek Collinson said "We have a scheme already in place for rewarding affiliates so we thought why not use the same scheme to reward our... - July 22, 2007

A Unique Opportunity to Turn 20 Friends Into 160,000

The leading dating site for dog lovers is now giving its members the opportunity to turn 20 friends into 160,000 or more by using its social network feature.'s founder Derek Collinson said, "We have had this feature on our site since we started 12 months ago but it wasn't... - July 21, 2007

Promote Your Dog Event Absolutely Free

If you're a dog lover and you're planning a dog event then the leading dating site for dog lovers may be just the place to promote it since is now offering its members free advertising. founder Derek Collinson said 'Dating sites promote their own events all the time but... - July 09, 2007

Dog Lovers Get Training Advice - from a King

The founder of the leading dating site for dog lovers announced today that its members will now get free advice from top dog trainer Rex Makemson. Derek Collinson said, “The name Rex is of Latin origin and its meaning is king. Given Rex’s vast experience of dog... - April 08, 2007

Adding an Astrological String to Cupid's Bow

"The leading dating site for dog lovers has added another string to Cupid's Bow!" So says founder Derek Collinson today. “Our members can already find matches by lots of different criteria including their favourite dog breed but we thought we'd give... - February 03, 2007

There is Nothin Like a (Dog Loving) Dame

Well at least that's the view of the founder of the leading dating site for dog lovers - Derek Collinson says, “I believe (dog loving) dames are passionate, loyal open, kind, and sensitive and have a great sense of humour and I should know - I married one! Perhaps that's why... - January 29, 2007

Dating Expert Reveals the Six Secrets to Internet Dating Success for Dog Lovers

One of America's top dating coaches Tonja Weimer reveals the six secrets to internet dating success for dog lovers on the leading dating site for dog lovers -'s founder said "For some time now we have been thinking about what advice we could offer our members... - January 07, 2007

Taking the "Blind" Out of Blind Date

The leading dating and social network site for dog lovers today announced the introduction of the world's state of the art communication tools, Userplane's Web Chat and Web Messenger, to help its members find their soul mates and develop friendships in their own social network. - November 19, 2006

Paradise Found for Man Looking for Soulmate

For men (who must love dogs) and are keen to find their soul mate, Derek Collinson, founder of the leading dating site for people who love dogs thinks he has the answer to all their prayers. And he has good reason for saying so. Women who love dogs are passionate, open, sensitive, kind ,... - November 18, 2006

Dog Lovers Trained to Fetch Soulmates

From now on members of the leading dating site for dog lovers will be able to fetch their soul mates, thanks to master certified singles and personal life coach, Tonja Weimer who joins's panel of experts.'s founder Derek Collinson says "I am delighted that Tonja... - October 14, 2006

You're Nobody 'til Somebody Likes You

Suddenly getting dates with people you meet in public places (but are afraid to ask out) got a whole lot easier today when the leading dating site for people who love dogs launched its "Someone Likes You" card.'s founder Derek Collinson said "Often people see others... - September 16, 2006

Gentlemen Required for Gentlewomen - Must Love Dogs

One of the world's fastest growing dating sites for people who love dogs is looking for more males to join.'s founder Derek Collinson said "At the moment we have 4 female members for each male member and ideally we would like a 50/50 split. I believe that there are as many... - September 13, 2006

Real Food for Dogs Brings an 85% Drop in Veterinary Visits

So says real food for dogs advocate and best selling author Catherine O’Driscoll who is now contributing dog health articles to the world’s leading dating site for people who love dogs -’s founder Derek Collinson said, “I am delighted that... - September 12, 2006

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