A Cool Gingery Word Guessing Game: Mr. Ginger Man

Play Ink Studio – announces its exciting android Puzzle game; Mr. Gingerman-Online Hangman. Play Ink Studio, an emerging publisher of social apps & Games, today announced the release of its latest brain & puzzle game, Mr. Ginger man, for Android® based devices and smartphones, further expanding its lineup of mobile titles of social games.

Naperville, IL, December 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Mr. Ginger man is an exciting and entertaining brain & puzzle game in which you are either the Blue Monster who tries to join his forces from left to right or the Red Dragon that tries to join the line from top to bottom. The game is loaded with thousands of words and a dozens of categories like Fruits, Animals, Countries, Cities, Celebrities, Films, Music and many more.

Put your vocabulary and guessing senses to the test and learn new words as well. So the game is not only fun to play but also educating.

“We at Play Ink Studio are very hopeful on the release of Mr. Ginger Man and believe that users would love to play this game; their favorite character. The game is very interesting and addictive as there is no limit to test your vocabulary and guessing powers,” said Asad Mahmood CEO of the company.

“The game is simple to understand, easy to play, addictive and competitive. In fact I want to inform you in advance that defeating your spouse or girlfriend time and again in 2 player mode can start a war at home, so lose the game sometimes intentionally as a precautionary measure,” he further said jokingly.

About the Game

Main Features

o Put your vocabulary to test and learn new words
o Three different modes to play
o You have seven chances of mistake without knowing the category
o If you chose to know the category then you have five chances to make a mistake
o You can make seven mistakes maximum without knowing the category
o Suitable for everybody.

There is no limit to play the game. There are three modes you can choose to play the game e.g. Single player or daily challenge, 2 player and play online. In 2 player mode you can play the game with your friends and loved ones to enhance the pleasure many folds. Here the game becomes more competitive as one player writes the word whatever he or she wants and the other player guesses it and vice versa.

You can also choose to play online to really have the taste of a global competition and see where you stand with regards to vocabulary internationally. The game uses “node.js” multi-player gaming platform for playing online with other players.
Asad Mahmood
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