EVER TEAM Adds Digital Signature Into EverSuite Solutions for SharePoint

EVER TEAM MEA, the Middle East subsidiary of EVER TEAM, European leader in integrated Enterprise Content Management Solutions, upgrades its EverSuite ECM SharePoint Offering by integrating Digital Signature capabilities into its SharePoint documents.

Beirut, Lebanon, December 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- EverSuite SharePoint Edition is a packaged suite of ECM components based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. By extending the native SharePoint functionalities, EverSuite SharePoint Edition provides organizations with a unique solution to manage the most complex ECM projects within their corresponding business processes.

Digitally Sign documents directly in SharePoint
EverSuite SharePoint Edition adds a new component to its ECM suite providing Digital and Electronic Signature capabilities, to directly sign SharePoint documents. Challengers and Innovative, EVER TEAM once more differentiates itself by providing features that transform a difficult to integrate digital signature process into a straightforward operation.

As a matter of fact, users can now, from within their integrated menu in the ribbon, digitally sign their document. This signature can also be added as one of the workflow steps. The document can therefore hold multiple digital and electronic signatures within SharePoint.

Append a signature image
Beyond digital signature, EverSuite also supports electronic signature, with the ability to add a signature image by a simple click and add operation, wherever needed on the document. If the signature does not hold any legal value, it therefore helps increase the scope and involvement of the signatories.

Signature delegation
Another major innovation consists in providing the capability to implement a signature delegation process, when combined with Case Management. Following the strict pre-defined business rules and security matrix, a user can therefore sign a document on behalf of someone else.

Multiple Application usages
By integrating the digital signature into their EverSuite ECM platform based on SharePoint, companies can answer several requirements and secure their business processes involving document circulation and validation such as validation and approval of outgoing correspondences, contracts management, etc. while ensuring traceability and auditing between various entities (suppliers, subcontractors, subsidiaries), etc.

100% web accessible, EVER TEAM technology is open to all Certificates of Authority in the Market

Ziad WAKIM, VP Solutions at EVER TEAM "By integrating the digital signature into our EverSuite SharePoint Offering, our aim is to provide our clients with a strong added value and a powerful functionality rarely available out of the box in the market. Our new solution helps not only securing but also and making collaborative processes more reliable especially in the daily long and time consuming document validation cycles."
Stephanie Azarian