Earhoox Launches on IndieGoGo, Offering a Solution to a Common Problem Faced by Millions of Consumer Electronics Users

earhoox™ introduces its unique headphone accessory on IndieGoGo.com.

Orlando, FL, December 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- earhoox™, www.earhoox.com, the cure for loose, uncomfortable earbuds, now appears on popular global crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, to kick off the launch of its premier earhoox product.

earhoox are designed to work with the standard earbuds included with many popular personal consumer electronics, including cellphones, tablets and MP3 players. Users of these earbuds often experience frustration and interrupted physical activity due to the products’ constant slipping from the ear.

Invented and patented by college friends Jeff Becker and Helmut Wyzisk III, who appear on the earhoox promo video, earhoox was the natural response to a problem both men found prevalent on the subway, on the streets and at the gym. “Loose, uncomfortable earbuds seemed to be a universal problem and earhoox were just a natural problem solver. earhoox bring a sense of confidence to those engaged in physical activity, knowing that a run or a workout won’t be interrupted by a rebellious earbud,” explain Helmut and Jeff.

Made of pliable yet durable silicone, the earhoox “shark fin tip” was designed to fit snugly and comfortably within the natural curve and shape of the ear’s helix (the curved rim) while the ear canal securely cradles the earbud. This design creates a zero gravity effect as it moves the pressure away from the ear canal because the earbud is secured from above, preventing slips and slides, and enhancing the listening experience.

earhoox come in two sizes as well as a variety of standard colors and can be custom ordered in any color and with logos to promote businesses or events.

About earhoox
earhoox™ is the solution to the common problem of loose, uncomfortable earbuds. More specifically, earhoox™ is a set of silicone attachments for your current earbuds that apply pressure and traction to key points of your ear giving your existing earbuds a much more secure and comfortable fit – one that is in tune with an active lifestyle. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Earhoox or Twitter @earhoox, or visit www.earhoox.com.

About IndieGoGo
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Media Contact: Helmut Wyzisk III, earhoox, press@earhoox.com, (407) 900-8825
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