Launches Dynamic Content Driven "Doodle" Games, Leveraging the Sirqul Platform to Unlock the Creative and Passionate Minds of Users All Around the World

Seattle, WA, December 26, 2012 --(, a social and location-based game development studio located in the heart of Belltown announced the launch of Doodle Drops, Doodle Trivia, and Doodle Words. These games are categorized as social and content driven mobile games for both casual and competitive players. The applications are built on a platform called Sirqul. Sirqul provides an arsenal of tools for developers to empower their users to shape experiences within the games for others. For example, a key component of the Sirqul platform that implemented into each of its games is the ability for end-users to create their own content, such as a retro arcade themed puzzle level in Doodle Drops. The goal for allowing end-users to create or suggest their own content is to change the experience for others every time they come back to one of the games.

In each of the games, there are three main areas of interaction: Play, Create, and Community. Each game provides different interfaces for users seeking out a particular style of play.

Doodle Drops is a physics-based puzzle game that challenges players to not only solve both curated and crowd-sourced levels, but to also create their own puzzles that can be shared with their social graph, close friends, and family.

Doodle Trivia is a multiple-choice trivia-based game that spans a plethora of genres, like TV, movies, video games, pop-culture, and more. Just like Doodle Drops, users can augment and customize these games on the fly before sharing with a private group or the entire community.

Doodle Words is a word-based game where users choose packs of varying difficulty and must tap moving, jumbled letters on the screen to spell out words and phrases. It’s a great tool for spelling, vocabulary, and has other educational benefits.

“We’ve seen some of the most creative and challenging levels published in the community within each of the games,” said Robert Frederick, Founder of “It’s pretty amazing to see the types of levels that are created and published in the community. We have been told that creating levels is just as enjoyable, if not more so, than actually playing the curated levels. Users spend hours creating and publishing levels. Sometimes these levels are personal and may not be suitable for everyone in the community because the content is narrowly focused, but they’re something your inner circle of friends would find entertaining and enjoyable trying to beat.” has emphasized that the experience in each of the games will become more rich and engaging as users jump in and start playing. Leveraging the Sirqul platform, each of the games allow users to discover content that both interests and challenges them. Players achieve the highest score possible and in return, earn rewards such as tickets, an in-game currency. In each of the “Doodle” games, tickets are awarded to users whenever they complete a level. In addition, innovative levels that far exceed the norm and gain popularity will be labeled as a featured level within the Editor’s Choice pack. In doing so, users can build up a reputation within the “Doodle” community while also having the ability to make money for creating high-quality content.

“The community is a great place for users to access and play some of the most creative levels that we would not have thought to create,” said Michael Woo, Product Manager of “The levels that have been published in the community push us to anticipate what people will do next. Providing the opportunity for people to create and share their own levels, while providing a reputation in our leaderboards creates a reason for users to keep generating content that was better than before. The possibilities are endless with crowd sourced content generation. Imagine, holding a contest for creating the best themed level and the reward being featured in one of our packs. These types of incentives are absolutely essential if we want our games to go viral and become a huge success.”

The “Doodle” games are available for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. With true cross-platform compatibility, users will be able to create content on their iPhones and share it with friends using Android devices. Users can play a Doodle Trivia level while riding the bus, or hop onto their Mac machine at home and continue where they left off seamlessly with a simple sign in. Follow the links below to find the right platform that fits your needs.

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