VideoGameCentral to Aid Video Game Distribution

VGC offers potential start-up video game companies a wholesale solution.

New York, NY, July 25, 2007 --( The Games Business - an exciting & revolutionary business but where to start? That is a question many stateside & international gaming afficianados have had over the years.

So what to do, where to go & how should it be done?

Many game fans have made buying & playing video games as a major part of their pastime, but how about making a living?

VideoGameCentral a.k.a "VGC" will be offering their new VGC wholesale Game Union pricing structure to the public to answer these complex questions.

"We're aware of the distribution channels being unfair, this is something that has been an issue for many years. Many independent retailers just don't get the same treatment as big box retailers do and we're tired of the lousy infrastructure of this industry from publishers to vendors so we have stepped up to the plate to do something about it." - VGC

Recently this has been an issue for this top e-commerce retailer & their choice to stop selling video games as noted here:

VideoGameCentral claims a solution to the mentioned problem. "VGC wants grass roots to unite, there is a solution for smaller game stores & mom & pop shops alike so we must unite as a Game Union in order to keep a healthy video games industry on top of it's game".

Many industry officials agree that a solution is required & this may be a step in the right direction. "If the games industry continues to get flooded with overpriced, substandard titles with zero retailer aid then we will just have another great video game crash reminiscient to the early 80's before Nintendo decided to introduce their Nintendo Entertainment System - NES and breathe life back into the once crippled industry." - VGC

"As anything else, history repeats itself & the games industry is no exception as we are aiding now to change the future so that history will not run it's head-on course to where we'll all be standing around without anything fun to play." - VGC

VGC's new Game Union program will go into effect with Next-Gen Systems including the PS2,PS3, Wii, XBOX, XBOX360 , PSP & DS.

David Scarpitta