Progenomics LLC Publishes Book to Help Non-Japanese Businesses Easily Sell Products in Japan via Amazon Japan’s FBA Service

Simple step by step procedure published by Progenomics LLC shows how to sell products directly to Japanese shoppers in Japan through Amazon Japan’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.

New York, NY, December 17, 2012 --( Non-Japanese businesses can now easily sell products directly to Japanese consumers in Japan via Amazon Japan’s FBA service without the need to open a business in Japan or to know a word of Japanese with the help of a new book published by Progenomics LLC.

The book, entitled “Japanize Your Amazon Business. Utilize the Power of FBA to Sell Your Products in Japan” is now available in soft cover print (ISBN-13: 978-0-9917806-0-0) in the USA and Europe via Amazon’s Print on Demand Service as well as in digital form (ISBN-13: 978-0991780600) via the Amazon Kindle store in most countries.

It details step by step how businesses outside of Japan can utilize Amazon Japan’s FBA service to expand into Japan as well as automate their business without even being present in the country.

“Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, is an incredible opportunity that’s changing the business landscape and that allows businesses anywhere in the world to sell directly to consumers in other countries without going through the complex and often frustrating barriers that exist with foreign distribution systems. This is especially true of Japan,” explained Dr. James Bestilny, author of the book and CEO of Progenomics LLC.

“The best part is that it’s all automated. All you have to do is find a product that sells reasonably well, then occasionally ship a box of that product to Japan and let Amazon do all the work packing, shipping and taking care of customer service. You can literally earn money while you sleep as your products sell,” he added.

Currently, to sell by Amazon in Japan, a number of requirements need to be met, which have stopped many companies from being able to access the huge potential of the Japanese market, including customer support by a Native Japanese speaker, a bank account and a shipping address based in Japan.

The book details step by step what businesses need to do to get past the requirements and begin selling to Japanese consumers in Japan. It also describes important differences in the Amazon platforms between Japan and the USA, along with differences in consumer behavior, case studies for product pricing and actual selling examples.

Although the book is written primarily for those who are already familiar with selling on Amazon in their own country, the information applies to any business that wants to expand into Japan, as anyone can apply to sell by FBA on Amazon in Japan.

Dr. Bestilny was motivated to write the book as a result of the difficulties he himself faced with trying to sell in Japan. “In Japan, its all about who you know,” he explained. “If you’re not a big company with connections to an even bigger Japanese company, most of the time you get the short end of the stick. There’s no chance to bring your products to the people. Amazon’s FBA service at least offers an opportunity to change all that.”

The company is also offering business solutions to foreign companies wishing to sell on Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

Progenomics LLC is a consulting/publishing company, trading company, and manufacturer of its own soon to be released line of consumer products. The company has offices in Canada, the USA, and Japan and has been in business since 2007.
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