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Love, Power & Politics is a story of three ambitious students Gopal, Hari and Radha. What happens when all the three fight for power with their wit & ambitious nature?

Ahmedabad, India, December 19, 2012 --( Prashant Sharma is yet another new writer from the block! His novels are quite unique in theme and have a fresh writing style. His previous novels like 'Love, Life & a Beer Can!' became a bestseller throughout India. His novel 'If I Pretend I am Sorry, will you pretend & Forgive Me' is a thrilling story of three men who are inter-connected with each other and yet they don't meet each other. It explores the shabby world of the Mumbai underworld.

However, this novel Love, Power & Politics! is all about the clashes of a political battle between wit, love, mystery and betrayal. The story goes something like this; Hari and Gopal are two good friends in college. Gopal is very ambitious in nature and loves to hold power in his hands. He can in fact go to any extent and do anything to be in the council for his need of immense power. Eventually he does become successful and becomes the President of the college. Hari is his able side kick.

As all college stories, this one also has a femme fatale, Radha, a very young, enigmatic, witty and ambitious girl. She falls in love with Gopal but she is even more ambitious than him. Love, Power & Politics is all about exploring the life of all these three characters.

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About Author:

Prashant Sharma is an IIM lucknow alumnus who did his engineering from DCE. He took up writing while he was doing his MBA and published his first novel Love, Life & Beer Can! in 2010. After that there has been no looking back for him. He came out If I Pretend I am Sorry next in 2011 and he's back again in the bestselling books list with his novel Love, Power & Politics! He presently lives in Delhi and works with a multinational bank.
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