Waszczuk Leaves Carrot Stix & E21

Popular TV Fishing Host, Henry Waszczuk of Fishing the Flats Fame leaves E21 Carrot Stix after a five year term.

North Port, FL, December 20, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Henry Waszczuk, entering his 28th year on television who hosts two well known TV series, Fins & Skins Classic Adventures as well as Fishing the Flats, one of the most popular saltwater shows on the airwaves, announced today that he is parting company with E-21, better known for their Carrot Stix, one of his primary sponsors for the past five years.

Waszczuk said, “He has severed ties with E-21 because of numerous reasons including incredibly poor customer service and default in payment of services, which illustrates the financial instability” of the Toronto, Canada-based company. Waszczuk who is President of Fins Media Group, one of the top outdoor media companies today, said he has gone above and beyond in marketing and promoting the E21 Carrot Stix line in both the freshwater and saltwater TV series and believes his reputation and his media network would have been damaged had he maintained his relationship with the company any longer.

Waszczuk and rod-designer Ken Whiting created the saltwater line of inshore rods, while 2007 Bassmaster Champion, Boyd Duckett created the freshwater concept that became the original Carrot Stix rods. Interesting enough, Boyd has also dropped his relationship with E21 for many of the same reasons.

During the past year Waszczuk has voiced his concerns regarding the rod distribution and the sales of the signature saltwater series, as well as concerns about E-21’s financial status, and E-21 has not satisfied those concerns; basically not honoring the agreement that was signed. Waszczuk further indicated that he believes that when one commits to a product in this industry as small and unique as it is, you don’t just have a sponsor, you have a partner and you develop that partnership for the long term, so all the hard work and benefits pay off for both parties. In this case, it didn’t. Henry stated, “It bothers me because I have invested more than five years of my time in rod development, marketing and promotion each and every week and the company E21 knowingly has taken advantage of those services.”

Waszczuk also stated, “I am entering my 28th year on television, and I have produced and hosted over 1500 fishing episodes worldwide. Regular viewers and fans believe in what the host says week after week, and instinctively purchase products that are promoted and endorsed by the host of the show. If I know there are issues with the company, I owe it to those viewers to make sure they get serviced with quality goods just like I have been telling them each and every week. I have tried for more than a year to come to some sort of mutual agreement to no avail; and knowing that Boyd Duckett made his choice to leave because of many of the same issues, it was time to part ways.”

Henry further stated, “Even though the older syndicated shows will illustrate the use of Carrot Stix, we are excited in stating that we have a new partner in the inshore rod division and that company is called OHERO. The Florida based company has three unique rod series in their line up and they will be all visible in the new TV episodes, which begin April 2013. When you are dealing with millions of households each and every week, they count of entertainment, education and what’s new in the sportfishing marketplace to help them become a better angler and that’s what I will continue to do.”
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