Introducing the the Vanity Valet Caddy for Upper Wall and Linen Cabinets

A blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron holder that installs in 10 minutes to an existing or new wall or linen cabinet is now available via POJJO.

Dallas, TX, February 23, 2011 --( Standardization does not exist in the bathroom. The only detail that holds true "most of the time" is the depth of a cabinet (21"). Everything else, is often different from one bathroom to the next. Consequently not all bathroom solutions work. When it comes to storing hair tools, it is difficult to find a design that is both efficient and hidden if your cabinetry is not standard. Today POJJO delivers the Vanity Valet Caddy which creates salon luxury inside upper wall or linen cabinets.

Until now, people who use upper cabinet space have simply thrown the tools into this area and shut the door. The problem with this design, is that tools can only be put away once they are cool and the cords often get tangled. This means the user has to leave and return to clean up. Most women do not come back and instead the counter remains cluttered and the door to this cabinet remains open.

POJJO recognizes reality and has designed a new model that provides the luxury, convenience, and efficiency of salon appliance holder, but with two twists: POJJO's new Vanity Valet Caddy, allows the user to put away their tools hot and includes cord management. The Caddy stores up to four tools, like the blow dryer, flat iron(s), and curling iron(s). Tools can be put away hot because they reside inside ventilated-capped stainless steel tubes. There is no concern about melting cords because they are kept separately. The system includes quick release knobs to wrap the appliance cords and release them with a simple turn. In addition, a power strip can be attached to the inside of the Caddy to allow convenient management of the power source. The Vanity Valet Caddy fits inside any 12"+ deep and 21"+ height cabinet. Installation takes 10 minutes and simply requires drilling 4 screws into place. The unit glides out when in use, and easily glides back into place to store away. With accessibility and convenience, the Caddy captures salon luxury while meeting the needs of the home owner to be hidden and organized.
Natalie Levi