Handbag Revolution: 1000 Bags in One, by Bissac France

A woman’s dream becomes reality: Change handbag many times a day. The ultimate luxury it-bags by Bissac.

Paris, France, July 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Change handbag as often as you desire simply by modifying its exterior appearance. Match your handbag with any clothing; serious look during the day, sporty after work and chic at night; All with one bag. You can wear your handbag nude or dressed with a skin, no need to transfer the content from one bag to the other, and forget your keys or wallet; your bag can be customized to meet your every need.

You can choose your bag’s look from Bissac’s monthly updated skins, divided into categories: Fashion, Luxury, Summer, Classic and Animal. Or you can order a custom skin; with your design, your textile/fabric or your photos. For the artists and designers, put your own art on your handbag. With a white canvas skin, you can paint or draw your masterpiece then wear it on your handbag. Or simply buy a skin painted by a famous artist. The beautiful thing is no change is permanent; you can always come back to your original bag.

Thanks to the Bissac concept, we can imagine and invent tons of cool skins to dress your handbag. Soon to come; skins with integrated speakers to connect your ipod or iphone and listen to music right from your handbag. Also, the new communicating skins with integrated monitors to display any message or image. Signup to our newsletter to stay informed of the latest news and innovations.

The Bissac bags are very successful in France and are available in Paris, Brussels, London, Melbourne and Montreal. Bissac has just launched their website boutique in English and now offer worldwide delivery. Bissac products create a strong bond with the customers who return for additional purchases to further customize their handbag. An average of five skins and accessories are sold per bag. Also, for boutiques and corporate gifts, Bissac can create a custom line of skins with your company logo and design.

Bissac currently has four luxurious handbag models, one business messenger bag and one cell phone / IPod pouch, all made from genuine French leather and available in numerous colors. Many new collections are being developed to reach new customers.

Bissac is looking for partners and investors to help with its exponential growth. They have many upcoming projects they will develop so please contact them.

If you would like to write about the revolutionary Bissac products, you can find various graphics and additional information in their Press Room.

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