Mayhew’s “Crush the Cubicle” Contest Banishes the Banal, Celebrates the Sublime

Ontario, Toronto’s Mayhew announces a “Crush the Cubicle” contest that encourages entrants to banish the banal and celebrate the sublime through video submissions.

Toronto, Canada, December 20, 2012 --( Most working adults have experienced the challenge of performing at their best in a less-than-stellar workspace environment. Trapped by conformity and strangled by uninspired architecture, employees everywhere long for a workplace where they can be as comfortable as they are at home while simultaneously providing their companies with top-notch work.

In a bold move to challenge the way that corporations have commonly approached workspace designs, Toronto-based Mayhew is announcing a “Crush the Cubicle” contest (

“Crush the Cubicle”: The Contest

Canadian-based companies, individuals or teams that are interested in potentially winning an iPad Mini can submit a 1-minute “Crush the Cubicle” video explaining or showing what they would like the next century’s workspaces to look and feel like. Videos should celebrate the new breed of employee and his/her workspace: innovative, collaboration-minded and mobile.

Complete contest rules and guidelines can be found at The deadline for contest submissions is January 15, 2013 and the winner will be announced on February 15, 2013.

The “Crush the Cubicle” Backstory

Mayhew’s “Crush the Cubicle” contest will be celebratory, educational and, above all else, entertaining. The production of tongue-in-cheek “Office Hunter” videos (all of which can be seen at humorously express the need for companies to start thinking “outside the cubicle”, and may be used as “springboards” for entry concepts.

Mayhew also encourages interested media personnel to contact them at to learn more about the “Crush the Cubicle” concept, as well as ingenuity in interior workspace designs.

Why “Crush the Cubicle”?

Statistics and anecdotal evidence back Mayhew’s ground-breaking view of constant workplace design innovation to fulfill the needs of today’s working adults.

For instance, although Baby Boomers have traditionally – if reluctantly – adapted to their “cubby” roles (even if they felt suffocated in those tiny boxes), members of Generation X and Y have been less willing to accept the status quo. As such, they have a bigger picture in mind when coming to the office, and they want the office space to be functional, inspirational and attractive.

Consequently, as a business dedicated to providing clientele with transformative shared interior workplace designs, Mayhew is encouraging companies of all sizes to embrace innovation at all levels.
Maurice Benatar