FamilyShred Breaks New Ground in First Year

Family snowboard brand completes many firsts through their website, contests, and unique product reviews in year one.

Denver, CO, December 21, 2012 --( After the launch of on December 9th, 2011 owner David “Bug” Stroope and his team accomplished many things that had not yet been touched in the snowboarding world. Bug Stroope realized that the first Generation of parent snowboarders was growing and children were starting to snowboard at a much younger age. The old saying of “you have to learn to ski first” has proven to not be true. Bug searched around the web to find more information about snowboarding for young kids. Though there were some great articles and reviews he found, they were not in one place. The idea of “FamilyShred” was born. In FamilyShred’s first year the fan base has grown drastically and the snowboard industry has taken notice. When the website launched the main focus was on reviews and featuring snowboarding talent. FamilyShred did just that and then some. FamilyShred has featured seventeen snow and skateboarders from four different countries and eight different states. FamilyShred has also held contests continuously on the website and actual locations. The most successful contest was their “Show Your FamilyShred” video contest. Kids sent in the best skateboard and snowboard videos and over $3,000 prizes were given away. FamilyShred was able to do so by having some of the biggest snowboard companies sponsor all they do.

In the following year FamilyShred has a full calendar of events that parents in the snowboard community are very excited about. From a World Snowboard Day celebration, Rail Jams, meet ups, and parent’s night out to all the wonderful information the continuously put on the website, FamilyShred’s growth will not be stopping anytime soon. Bug Stroope and his FamilyShred crew have helped highlight an important part of snowboarding and we will see the benefits parents are given for many years to come.
Bug Stroope