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MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, is Offering TurboLigation™ Kit, Enabling Quick Ligation of DNA Molecules in Just 5 Minutes at a Bargain Price

Combining heterologous DNA molecules is a key process in most traditional molecular cloning experiments. This process, facilitated by the enzyme DNA ligase, usually takes about 16 hours. With the TurboLigation™ Kit the reaction time is greatly reduced down to just 5 minutes without compromising the efficiency.

Göttingen, Germany, December 22, 2012 --( DNA ligation, the enzymatic combination of DNA molecules, is a widely used technique in molecular genetics, found in scientific labs across the world. While most of a ligation reaction occurs within the first hour, often it is better to leave the reaction longer, e.g. overnight, to ensure maximum ligation.

Such idle time reduces the efficiency of scientific work and is in fact no longer necessary with the TurboLigation Kit.

TurboLigation™ Kit enables quick ligation of both blunt-end or cohesive-end DNA fragments in just 5 minutes at room temperature. The kit combines TurboLigase™, an ultrapure recombinant T4 DNA Ligase, and 5x TurboLigation buffer, an optimized quick ligation buffer. A 5 minute TurboLigation reaction offers the same efficiency as a traditional 16 °C overnight ligation reaction. The reaction product is ready for bacterial transformation without any further treatment. There is no need to heat-inactivate the TurboLigase, dilute the reaction, or purify the DNA before chemical transformation.

MoBiTec GmbH offers superior research tools for molecular and cell biology. In parallel to its own product line, MoBiTec distributes products from several international companies in Germany and across the world.
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