MoBiTec to Offer Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real Time RT-PCR Kit

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real Time RT-PCR Kit is used for the qualitative detection of a novel coronavirus, identified in 2019 in Wuhan City, China, in respiratory tract specimens by real time PCR systems. - January 25, 2020

MoBiTec GmbH Teams Up with ABP Biosciences, US, to Offer Superior Fluorophores at Reasonable Prices

ABP Biosciences invents, develops, and markets innovative products and technologies to scientists engaged in life sciences research, diagnostic R&D, and drug discovery. ABP specializes in the area of fluorescence labeling and detection technologies. - June 06, 2018

HansaBioMed's Superior Portfolio of Products for Exosome Research Distributed by MoBiTec Germany

HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd. offers a wide choice and selection of products for exosome research for Life Science applications. As of now these products can be ordered from MoBiTec by scientists in Germany. - July 26, 2017

Free Samples of Mirus Bio Transfection Reagents from MoBiTec for Customers in Germany

Mirus Bio's Transfection Reagents are designed for cell-specific or for broad-band transfection applications. Customers in Germany may request up to three samples per lab for free from MoBiTec, Mirus Bio's distributor for Germany. - July 05, 2017

MoBiTec to Offer the First Commercially Available Bacillus Subtilis Food Grade Expression System

The Bacillus Food Grade Expression System was created to make the advantages of a Bacillus expression system also accessible to areas where antibiotic resistance gene markers are prohibited (e.g., food and feed industry). - May 11, 2017

Simultaneous Heterologous Gene Expression in Bacillus Megaterium: Vector p3STOP1623-2RBShp

Optimized high performance (hp) vectors for Bacillus megaterium - MoBiTec provides a wide range of useful vectors for the Bacillus megaterium system, including a vector with two ribosome binding sites (2RBS) for simultaneous dual expression. - May 05, 2017

MoBiTec GmbH to Attend LABVOLUTION/ BIOTECHNICA, May 16-18, 2017, Hannover, Germany

LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA is a fully integrated event that provides a multidisciplinary perspective on all aspects of the laboratory world. Don't miss Northern Europe's leading business platform for laboratory technology and biotechnology. - March 31, 2017

Novel Lipid Research Assay: Lysosomal PLA2 Inhibitor Screen

Inhibition of Lysosomal phospholipase A2 (LPLA2) by a drug candidate can predict its potential to cause drug-induced phospholipidosis, a serious side effect resulting in tissue inflammation and organ damage. - March 11, 2017

AUM LifeTech's Self-Delivering FANA Antisense Oligonucleotides to be Distributed by MoBiTec Germany

AUMsilence self-delivering oligos achieve highly efficient and potent antisense-based gene knockdown. No need to use toxic transfection reagents. Especially designed for primary cells and very difficult-to-transfect cell types. - September 24, 2016

For Lentivirus Production: TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent, Available from MoBiTec, Germany

TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent, manufactured by Mirus Bio, US, is designed to enhance delivery of packaging and transfer vectors to adherent HEK 293T cell types and increase recombinant lentivirus production. - September 23, 2016

CRISPR/Cas9 - Request a Free Sample for Your Genome Editing Research

The use of CRISPR/Cas9 has emerged as a powerful method for genome editing that can be delivered in multiple formats. MoBiTec together with Mirus Bio provide solutions to address delivery of Cas9 and guide RNA in plasmid, RNA, or RNP format. - September 10, 2016

Dextra UK Launched the World's Largest Commercial Glycan Array, Marketed in Germany and Other Countries Through Its Authorized Distributor MoBiTec GmbH

Dextra's Glycan Array Kit is a valuable tool for use in determining the glycan binding profile of proteins, eukaryotic cells, viruses, spores, bacteria, and parasites. It features 104 unique glycans carefully selected from cutting-edge libraries. - September 02, 2016

Fluorescent Cell Organelle Stains - Free Brochure Launched by MoBiTec GmbH

Fluorescent molecules and conjugates are invaluable tools in modern medical and biological laboratories. Cell-permeant fluorophores help reveal the localization of intracellular organelles and structures in live cells with minimal impairment. - July 30, 2016

Theater Slim PCR Cycler - Small Footprint, Small Price, Great Flexibility

MoBiTec is selling an incredibly small, light, and slim (4 cm), yet fully functional PCR instrument - The Theater Slim PCR Cycler. It is beneficial to small-sized labs and in-the-field research. - June 01, 2016

MoBiTec GmbH Teams Up with TargetMol, US, to Offer Thousands of Inhibitors and Predetermined Screening Libraries

TargetMol supplies over 3000 compounds used in the study of cell signaling pathways and drug discovery. TargetMol provides more than 32 types of compound libraries, available for cell induction, signaling pathway, and high-throughput screening (HTS). - May 25, 2016

Now Available: A Red-Fluorescent cADDis Assay Kit, Manufactured by Montana Molecular, for Measuring cAMP Changes in Live Mammalian Cells

Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is the prototypical second messenger. The major receptor in eukaryotic cells, cAMP-dependent Protein Kinase (PKA), is ubiquitous. cAMP affects many different physiological and biochemical processes, including the activity of kinases. In contrast to the hitherto available green-fluorescent cADDis kit, the red-fluorescent counterpart can be used in combination with green-fluorescent gene constructs, such as GFP, or ion indicators. - May 19, 2016

Montana Molecular Appoints MoBiTec, Germany, as Distributor to Sell Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensors

While fluorescent dye-based assays are powerful tools for high-throughput screening in engineered cell lines or cell lysates to show that signaling has occurred, genetically encoded sensors that measure dynamic processes in physiologically relevant cells provide a higher level of insight into how signals are regulated in both space and time. It is the regulation of signaling that controls cell function in both health and disease. - April 16, 2016

Update on Glycomics - Achieve Safe, Easy, and Accurate O-Glycan Analysis with BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit

MoBiTec to launch Sumitomo's BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit, a streamlined process for releasing and purifying O-glycans for detection by HPLC, LC-MS, and MALDI-TOF MS. - November 19, 2015

MoBiTec GmbH to Attend BIOTECHNICA 2015, Germany - See ZDGSY's Inimitable GS-Key, an Amazingly Small and Fast DNA Extraction Device

BIOTECHNICA - Europe's No.1 Event for Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and Lab Technology! At MoBiTec's booth, cutting-edge technologies will be presented. Highlight: An incredibly small and fast handheld device for DNA extraction! - September 25, 2015

MoBiTec to Offer ProteoGREEN™-gGlu, a Fluorogenic Probe for Specific Detection of Cancer Cells

ProteoGREEN™-gGlu is a cancer-selective fluorogenic imaging probe that is rapidly activated to a highly fluorescent compound. The membrane-permeable dye is suitable for live cells or in vivo imaging of cancer cells. - September 18, 2015

Eurogentec (EGT), Belgium, Appoints MoBiTec GmbH as Distributor for Germany

Eurogentec (EGT) is a leading provider of innovative products and services to the life science, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical community. MoBiTec is selling the products of AnaSpec, which now is part of EGT, for more than 10 years already. The agreement allows MoBiTec to also offer EGT's state-of-the-art qPCR kits, oligonucleotides, and further products related to genomics to its customers. - August 14, 2015

Drip & Prep – RNA Isolation Has Never Been so Easy; FortiusBio LLC do Cell Lysis Cards to the Utmost

MoBiTec GmbH's new partner FortiusBio LLC is a US startup biotech firm that does only one thing good: to soak filter paper with proprietary lysis solutions and make cards which lyse cells and preserve nucleic acid (even RNA) integrity at room temperature. - July 22, 2015

A Fully Functional Diagnostic Laboratory in a Box - MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, Offers Coyote Bioscience's MD-Box-Lab

Whether a veterinarian in the field or a tropical disease specialist in the savanna - one of the things they certainly do miss most is a fully operational laboratory for reliable molecular biologically supported diagnostics. - July 15, 2015

AmoyDx, Supplier of MoBiTec, Germany, Introduces System for Extraction of Circulating DNA from NSCLC (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer) Patients

Circulating cell-free DNA is an important emerging biomarker in cancer diagnostics as well as a non-invasive diagnostic solution for a wide range of clinical disorders. The AmoyDx kit is specially designed for effective isolation and purification of DNA from peripheral blood (serum or plasma) and pleural effusion. The purified DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR). - June 26, 2015

Now Available at MoBiTec: Ni-IDA Columns for Fast Purification of His-Tagged Proteins

MoBiTec Ni-IDA Columns containing a superior silica-based IDA resin provide a fast and convenient routine tool for purification of recombinant polyhistidine-tagged proteins by gravity flow. - June 05, 2015

MoBiTec and GORYO Chemical Ink Distribution Agreement to Sell High-End Calcium Indicators and Cancer-Selective Fluorescent Imaging Probes

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, focused on selling products for life science and fluorescence applications, has entered into a distribution agreement with GORYO, Japan. Together with GORYO, MoBiTec will continue to expand its portfolio of premier brands. - April 29, 2015

Newsletter XVIII Released | MoBiTec GmbH, Germany

The latest edition of the MoBiTec Newsletter is now available for customers to view. It comprises products for genomics & imaging, in vitro diagnostics and assays, interaction screening, magnetic beads as tool in proteomics, and Non-UV transilluminator. - February 18, 2015

MoBiTec to Offer New Transcreener UDP2 TR-FRET Assay, Manufactured by BellBrook Labs

Just like the existing UDP2 FP assay, the TR-FRET assay provides sensitive detection of glycosyltransferases and other UDP-producing enzymes. The new Transcreener UDP2 TR-FRET Assay will better serve a growing need for robust, HTS-proven glycosyltransferase assays for drug discovery. - January 31, 2015

EGFR Kit of AmoyDx, China, Supplier to MoBiTec, Germany, Ranks Top in 2014 Lung Cancer EMQN Report

The European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) is an independent organization based in the UK that promotes improvement in the quality of genetic testing by ensuring that diagnostic molecular genetic laboratory test results are accurate, reliable, and comparable. - December 11, 2014

MoBiTec, Germany to Offer Cryogenic Vials for Embryo Cryopreservation by Vitrification Manufactured by Sumitomo, Japan

In cryopreservation vitrification is a common method used to preserve egg cells and embryos. Of utmost importance is that the oocyte or embryo is stored in a vessel that allows appropriate temperature modulation. - December 03, 2014

MoBiTec, Germany, Offers a New Range of Monofluorinated Nucleosides Manufactured by Dextra, UK

Fluorine introduction can lead to a modification of the reactivity of functional groups, alter conformational stability and, in pharmaceuticals, enhance metabolic stability. Over 30% of leading blockbuster drugs contain at least one fluorine atom. - November 29, 2014

Available from MoBiTec GmbH: Unique Ready-to-Use Vectors for Live Cell Imaging of Nuclear Proteins

During cell division the kinetochore is the protein structure on chromatids where the spindle fibers attach to pull sister chromatids apart. MoBiTec now offers unique gene fusion constructs of proteins to investigate kinetochore formation and cell division. - November 20, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, Offers New Bacillus Megaterium Strain for Gene Expression and Protein Production - YYBm1

MoBiTec GmbH expands its product line of tools for gene expression in Bacillus megaterium with the new expression host YYBm1. Strain YYBm1 is unable to utilize the expression system's inductor molecule xylose as carbon source. - November 13, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH's Supplier Peninsula Laboratories, USA, with New Corporate Website

Peninsula Laboratories International, Inc, USA, a leading supplier of superior immunology products, proudly announces its own corporate website Formerly, PenLabs was integral part of Bachem's internet presence. - November 11, 2014

Amoy Diagnostics, China, Expands List of CE-Marked Real-Time PCR Kits for Cancer Diagnostics

Amoy Diagnostics, who recently appointed MoBiTec GmbH as distributor for Germany, proudly announces the availability of further CE-marked detection kits, which are based on a proprietary real-time PCR technology called “ADx-ARMS,” for Cancer Diagnostics. - October 24, 2014

MoBiTec, Germany, and Amoy Diagnostics, China, Sign Distribution Agreement for the German Market

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, focused on selling products for life science and IVD research, has entered into a distribution agreement with Amoy Diagnostics, China. Together with AmoyDx, MoBiTec will continue to expand its portfolio of premier brands. - October 19, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH: PDE Inhibitors Show Sonic Effects on Prostate Cancer

In 2009, Phosphodiesterase 4D (PDE4D) was identified as a novel proliferation-promoting factor in prostate cancer. Now, the effects of two selective PDE4D inhibitors, NVP-ABE171 and cilomilast, as anti-prostate cancer therapies were examined. - October 02, 2014

Newsletter XVII is Available from MoBiTec GmbH, Germany

MoBiTec's periodical Newsletter, issued several times a year, informs about new, exciting products in the categoríes vector systems and gene expression, genomics, proteomics, fluorescence applications, cell biology, labware, and more. - September 19, 2014

MoBiTec to Attend the 4. Joint Conference of the VAAM and DGHM in Dresden, Germany, Oct. 5-8, 2014

This year the DGHM (Society of Hygiene and Microbiology) and the VAAM (Association for General and Applied Microbiology), the biggest German societies in the area of microbiology, hold their annual conference as a joint conference in Dresden. - September 04, 2014

MoBiTec, Germany, Offers Clickable Isoprenoids Manufactured by Echelon Biosciences, USA, Representing Exclusive Valuable Tools for Isoprenoid and Cancer Research

Isoprenoids are organic compounds composed of two or more units of hydrocarbons, with each unit consisting of five carbon atoms arranged in a specific pattern. Isoprenoids play widely varying roles in physiological processes of plants and animals. - August 31, 2014

MoBiTec, Germany, Announces Availability of Ebola Virus (EBOV) Real Time RT-PCR Kit

Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is a severe, often fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates, caused by infection with Ebolavirus. The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa is one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history. - August 28, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH to Attend Horizons in Molecular Biology Meeting in Goettingen, Germany, Sep 15-18, 2014

Horizons in Molecular Biology is an international symposium in the field of molecular life sciences, organized by PhD students of the MSc/PhD Molecular Biology Program - International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS). - August 24, 2014

MoBiTec, Germany, Announces Availability of Human Herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) Assay Kits

Human herpesvirus (HHV-) 6 has been associated with various neurological diseases, including encephalitis, meningitis, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. MoBiTec partners with VIDIA, Czech Republic, to offer HHV-6 assay kits worldwide. - July 25, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH Teams Up with Protobios to Offer Epitope Mapping Service Using Mimotope Variation Analysis (MVA) Technology

MoBiTec, Germany, partners with the Estonian biotechnology company Protobios to offer Mimotope Variation Analysis (MVA)-based antibody epitope mapping service to scientists worldwide. - July 19, 2014

Mirus Reagent Agent® Now on MoBiTec Website - Find the Appropriate Transfection Reagent for Your Cell Line and Experiment

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, together with the transfection experts of Mirus Bio, USA, brings you the Reagent Agent® - a tool designed to determine the best solution for delivery of any nucleic acids into any cell type, including hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells. - July 05, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, and Invent Biotechnologies Inc., USA, Sign Distribution Agreement for the European Market

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, focused on selling products for life science research, has entered into a distribution agreement with Invent Biotechnologies, Inc., USA. Together with Invent Biotechnologies, MoBiTec expands its portfolio of premier brands. - June 19, 2014

MoBiTec Launches SpeedBlot (His) – A Strikingly Fast and Easy-To-Use Western Blot Stain for His-Tagged Proteins

Instant detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins on nitrocellulose membrane with SpeedBlot (His) is easy and does not require relevant hands-on time. Even 0.1 pmol detection limits can be achieved with this highly sensitive detection reagent. While common Western Blot protocols require 6 to 21 hours, staining with SpeedBlot (His) is completed after just about 90 minutes. - June 12, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH to Attend the International Conference on Stem Cell and Tissue Formation in Dresden, Germany, from July 8-11, 2014

For the 5th time, Stem Cell researchers will convene for the International Conference on Stem Cell and Tissue Formation in Dresden, Germany. At MoBiTec's booth high quality products as well as cutting-edge technologies will be presented. - May 09, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, Issues New Fluorescent Probes Brochure, Ready for Free Download as PDF

A brochure featuring Fluorescent Probes for Protein and Nucleic Acid Labeling provided by MoBiTec as Free PDF Download. - May 08, 2014

MoBiTec GmbH Offers MagSi-NGS/PREP Kit for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Clean-Up

Magnetic bead-based MagSi-NGS/PREP kit constitutes an efficient solution for clean-up and size selection in library preparation of NGS sequencing reactions. The simple, flexible protocol can be adjusted to any specific application and NGS platform. - March 27, 2014

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