Houston Custom Boots Company Wins 2012 Best Custom Shoe Repair Award

Houston custom boots specialist Tejas Custom Boots awarded Best Custom Shoe Repair Award by The Houston Press Newspaper.

Houston, TX, December 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Houston custom boots maker, Tejas Custom Boots (http://www.tejascustomboots.com) has been named the 2012 Best Shoe Repair by the Houston Press.

In naming Tejas Custom Boots the award winner, Houston Press said on their website that Tejas Custom Boots is the place to go for quality shoe repairs.

“They can fix all manner of footwear maladies, from broken sandal clasps, to boots that need new soles, to heels in need of new caps, which they'll often do while you wait. They've even been known to repair leather jackets,” Houston Press wrote on their website.

“It's always been a dream of ours to have a pair of custom cowboy boots made. One day, when the riches roll in, we'll be heading to family-owned Tejas Boots in The Montrose to get those babies fitted. In the meantime, we can console ourselves by heading to Tejas to repair the shoes we do own,” the newspaper continued.

Houston Press encouraged consumers looking for custom boots to visit Tejas Custom Boots telling them to “have a look around while you wait — the walls are covered in photos of presidents, athletes and other celebrities who've had boots made for them."

Tejas Custom Boots has been in The Montrose neighborhood of Houston for decades and have crafted custom boots for celebrities including former U.S. president, George Herbert Bush and Girma Wolde-Giorgi, president of Ethiopia.

Mike Kuykendahl, president of Tejas Custom Boots said his company is honored to win this award but stressed that their focus remains on customer satisfaction.

“We are happy about the award but we are focused on making sure we have happy and satisfied clients. We serve many celebrities and non-celebrities alike but we do not differentiate them. We take the time to handcraft all our boots, handbags, belts, sandals, cowboy boots, shoes or whatever our customers need. That will remain our focus,” Kuykendahl said in his office in Houston, Texas today.

Tejas Custom Boots is known worldwide for quality custom boots. The company is available to answer any questions at 713-524-9860, toll-free at 1-866-739-2668 or through the website at http://www.tejascustomboots.com/contactus.php.
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