Larsen Digital, a Digital Conversion Service Provider, Offers Digital Image Uploads Directly to Google Drive Customer Accounts

Larsen Digital scanning service now offers customers the option to upload their images to the cloud. Cloud uploads offer Larsen Digital customers to gain instant access to their digital images and eliminate the need for discs.

Salt Lake City, UT, December 23, 2012 --( Larsen Digital Services - Preserving Your Memories, is the first to offer digital image uploads directly into customers personal cloud account. Larsen Digital has teamed up with Google Drive to upload digital image files into customers' personal Google Drive accounts. Customers no longer need to wait for discs in the mail, or be forced to view low resolution images online. Once Larsen Digital has uploaded the high resolution digital images to a customers Google Drive account, they can access their files anywhere, anytime.

Google Drive Features:

Access Your Files Anywhere: Google Drive is compatible with PC & Mac, Chome OS, iPhone & iPad & Android devices. Whether you are at the office, the airport, or out to dinner, you can view & share your digital images on the go.

Avoiding Disaster: When images are uploaded to Google Drive, the fear of losing data is gone. It doesn't matter if your computer crashes, drop your tablet or lose your phone, because all your digital images are protected in the Google Drive cloud.

Sharing your Memories: Make your memories better by sharing them. Once files are uploaded to a Google Drive account they can be shared with friends & family with a simple click.

Its Free! Google Drive offers a Free 5GB account for users.

In 2011 Larsen Digital partnered with Pixorial, to securely store, transform, and share digitized video files. Pixorial delivers the easiest way to edit and share videos – all online. With a few clicks you can personalize videos, trimming to your favorite parts and adding captions, titles and music. Then, once you’ve created a unique masterpiece, you can effortlessly share it with family and friends.

About Larsen Digital Services
Larsen Digital converts all types of slides, negatives, photos, movie film & video tape to a digital format where they can be preserved for a lifetime. Whether they are specialty slides or your parents' old movie film, Larsen Digital can put your memories onto a DVD or digital file and now the cloud!. All slides, negatives and photos are scanned at a high resolution on professional scanning equipment. Movie Film is available in High Definition Mp4 files or Blu-Ray discs. Video tapes are available in Mp4 Video format or DVD discs.

Larsen Digital has been preserving memories for customers for over a 15 years, and as technology has evolved, so have they. "In today's world, discs are on their way out, and cloud storage is the newer & safer way to store data. We want to provide our customers with all their options so they can choose what is best for them. We still offer discs for those who prefer them, but now we offer instant upload access to all their digital images," said Brent Larsen, CEO of Larsen Digital.

For more information on Cloud Service Uploads for all your digital conversion needs, contact Larsen Digital services
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