Psychotherapist / Author: School Shooting is No Surprise -- Fun Novel Prevents Child Abuse

Lacy Dawn Adventures is a project that produces science fiction to raise funds for the prevention of child abuse in West Virginia. Rarity from the Hollow, an award winning novel, is now available.

Charleston, WV, December 26, 2012 --( Robert Eggleton grew up in an impoverished home filled with alcoholism and domestic violence. He was lucky. Thirty years after completion of his education and then writing nonfiction, such as investigative reports, statistical reports, policy manuals, and other works intended to reform dismal children’s services systems in his home state, Mr. Eggleton turned to fiction. Based upon glowing book reviews, the public is also lucky that he started writing fiction.

Rarity from the Hollow was recently released as an ebook, paperback, and hardback preorder by Dog Horn Publishing in Leeds, England. Author proceeds are donated to prevent child abuse and neglect, well established precursors of teen suicide and violence, including the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. “Child abuse and neglect are public safety issues – abused kids become angry teens and adults. Left untreated, childhood mental health concerns also affect our economy, national defense, and virtually every aspect of life in free society. For the victim, lack of treatment is a constitutional violation of that individual’s right to pursue happiness,” said Eggleton.

Lacy Dawn, is the protagonist of all of Eggleton’s stories. She is a composite character of actual child abuse victims. Rarity fits within the Science Fiction / Fantasy genre. However, as noted by both Barry Hunter, publisher of Baryonline Science Fiction Reviews, and Adius Garten, publisher of Atomjack Science Fiction Magazine, the story is satirical of everything it touches upon including: the global economy, marijuana, inadequate treatment of PTSD for veterans, and intended to serve as self-help for victims of Bipolar disorder. The story begins with Lacy Dawn in the sixth grade, but, caution, this is not a children’s story. Best selling author, Piers Anthony said that it was, “not for the prudish.” It is a children’s book for adults only due to violent content.

“don't think you're going to be reading something harsh and brutal and tragic. This book is laugh-out-loud funny at times…funny almost to the point of tears.... It's absolutely fantastic…." (Garten)
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