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Bruce Allen Media, L.L.C. announces the launch of a new Patriots website utilizing the latest technologies to bring daily content to fans of the three time Super Bowl champions.

Boston, MA, July 26, 2007 --( Bruce Allen Media LLC, publishers of the popular weblog, has launched a spinoff site that promises daily analysis and commentary on three-time champion New England Patriots.

Publisher Bruce Allen hopes Patriots Daily (url- will become an everyday destination for web-surfing Patriots fans.

“We think most Patriots fans are like us,” said Allen. “After we check the morning papers, we click on Reiss’s Pieces, The Point After, and then maybe a small handful of others. We want to be in that regular rotation.”

“I feel strongly about the group of writers we have,” he continued. “We’ve got a mix of established bloggers, season ticket holders, and guys that have been watching this team for decades. I think we offer a variety of valid perspectives in an articulate way.”

The site will present game previews and wrap-ups, exclusive columns and features, and unique stats-based analysis by Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders.

But according to Allen, that’s only half of the equation.

“We’re anxious to incorporate the input of our readers, through our comments feature,” he explained. “We invite the readers to react to what they’re reading, get their thoughts out there, and keep the discussion going. Our goal is to be a sort of meeting place for fans of the Patriots, and the NFL in general.”

The site will also incorporate downloadable podcasts, videos and RSS feed subscription services. Other features include interactive book rankings and an automatically updated set of Patriots headline links from across the Internet. One of the goals of the site is to both embrace technology and utilize the latest tools and techniques in social media and blogging.

To that end, the site has partnered with two new companies providing multimedia services to web publishers. The first, allows web publishers to instantly turn their content into podcasts. While the implementation has not been done on just yet, it is already in the works behind the scenes.

The second company is SplashCast Media ( which allows publishers to set up "channels" and "shows" to play in an embedded player on their website. A Patriots Daily channel has been set up and filled with podcasts, videos and slideshows from around the internet, all focused on the Patriots. These items can be played without leaving the page.

Allen looks to the site’s daily content to set the wheels in motion.

“We’ll be publishing on a regular schedule,” he noted. “We want readers to get a little different view point every day.”

On Sundays, Patriots Daily will feature The Sunday Links, a compendium of game day newspaper links, offered with commentary by site editor Scott Benson.

Every Monday, Benson will return with Game Day Rear View, the site’s weekly game story.

“Scott is a tremendous asset to the site,” says Allen, “He keeps everyone organized and informed in his role as site editor, and he has a vast knowledgebase from which to draw on from his years of closely watching this franchise.”

On Tuesdays, Allen, who recently began a media column for Patriots Football Weekly, offers a post mortem of links and commentary.

Wednesdays will feature Direct Snapp, a weekly column by columnist Dan Snapp, a New England native now living in the Midwest.

Thursday’s will feature the stats-based analysis of Barnwell, a Football Outsiders veteran and contributor.

“Bill is obviously a draw to our site, given his unique take and his established readership,” said Allen. “Last season, Ron Borges devoted a portion of his Sunday Globe football notes to one of Bill’s columns.”

On Fridays, the site will offer its weekly Patriots Roundtable, a group discussion featuring Allen, Barnwell, Snapp, and season ticket holders Greg Doyle, Tim Jordan, Kevin Thomas and Travis Graham.

To round out the week, Doyle will offer a Saturday look at the day’s major college football games with an eye towards the Patriots’ 2008 draft selections.

“The daily entries are really intended as starting points for a larger discussion,” Allen concluded. “We’re anxious to have the input of the readers, and we want them to feel as though they’re helping to shape the discussion surrounding their team.”

In addition to the regularly scheduled entries, any breaking news will be covered and commented on quickly, and following the season, the site will feature extensive draft coverage. officially launches on Friday, July 27th, 2007, with a Patriots season preview.

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