Green Design Isn't Just About Granola or Straw-Bale Houses

Interior design firm pledges to incorporate eco-logical design elements into every luxury home project

Scottsdale, AZ, July 26, 2007 --( Sesshu Design Associates takes environmentally responsible design very seriously, and they are proving it with their commitment to include green design solutions in every project. Luxury homes are often targeted as being damaging to the environment because of their size, but Sesshu Design Associates sees them as a huge opportunity to impact the issue for the better. This is a company which firmly believes providing their clients with truly comprehensive design solutions and accountability to the planet are fundamentally linked.

“There is a level of ‘greenness’ appropriate and achievable for every project,” says owner and principal designer, Tanya Shively, ASID. “It is just a matter of listening to the clients’ particular concerns and presenting them with options that deal with environmental questions as well as the classic elements of design. Designing “green” is actually a series of unique solutions to individual problems that attempt to balance health, environmental, social, and aesthetic issues as best as possible. If we aren’t offering our clients the information and choices that are ecologically responsible, then we aren’t really living up to the promise of our profession.”

One of the first steps in any project they undertake is to meet with the client, architect and builder to discuss the requirements of the project and determine which areas are of the greatest concern. All projects include an evaluation and information gathering process, which addresses health, environmental, social, and aesthetic issues with a multi-faceted design approach. Even small changes can make a big difference when you add up all the aspects of a typical custom home.

Sesshu Design Associates deals with eco-sensitive solutions to all interior finishes as well as furnishings which incorporate organic, recycled or sustainable materials. “There are more and more options available to us now- the industry has really improved the choices we have in the past couple of years. Very stylish furniture, reclaimed wood flooring, and amazing products using new organic fibers, recycled soda bottles and even tires. We can incorporate eco-friendly products into any interior from traditional Mediterranean styles to ultra-chic contemporary and anything in between,” Tanya declares.

The goal of Sesshu Design Associates is to make every project as environmentally sound as it is safe, functional and visually appealing. “It is our obligation as design professionals to educate the public and our clients about the issues and solutions available for those problems while we design their spaces to be beautiful and inviting. Architects and builders have been working on green issues for a few years now, and it is time the interior industry catches up,” Tanya points out. Sesshu works with the architect through the design process to assess all aspects of the project, and ensure proposed solutions will be earth friendly, too.

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