Employee Training Comes to the Community Education Program at Jupiter High School in South Florida

Jupiter, FL, January 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The Community Education Program at Jupiter High School has partnered with DTR Inc. CEO, Jay Goldberg, to bring work readiness and customer service training to Palm Beach County.

The Community Education Program at Jupiter High School is one of the most progressive and successful continuing education programs in Palm Beach County, Florida. With courses ranging from computer courses to exercise courses to language courses to entrepreneurship courses to arts and craft courses to personal improvement courses and more; the Community Education Program at Jupiter High School adds great value to the lives of people all over South Florida. Now, the employee training program promises to be as valuable for the business community as Jupiter's Community Education program has been for individuals.

The work readiness and customer service employee training courses were developed by, and will be conducted by, Jay Goldberg, CEO of DTR Inc., who also teaches an entrepreneurship course, How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business, and computer courses in Jupiter High School’s Community Education Program. Mr. Goldberg also teaches his entrepreneurship course at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach. Full details for the employee training courses, including course schedules, course descriptions, and training philosophy can be found at http://www.JHSDTR.com.

DTR Inc. is a Florida Corporation founded in 1994. Its CEO, Jay Goldberg, is a former Service Director for Citibank, and a former Program Manager for the Palm Beach County Resource Center, a Not for Profit Corporation that helped small businesses succeed. In 2002 Mr. Goldberg developed a work readiness training program for a client that was called the best work readiness certification program in the United States by a member of the National Skills Standard Board. He later updated that program for a second client, and then again after publishing his first work readiness book. Work readiness programs developed by Mr. Goldberg have been used successfully throughout the United States.

Jupiter High School’s Community Education Program is excited to offer Mr. Goldberg’s latest workplace training courses, which are a mix of his prior programs, his previous book, and brand new material. The program makes use of in-class demonstrated competencies, interesting lecture, real life to work life comparisons, and individual and group exercises to ensure that the participants absorb the material. In addition to teaching workplace skills and behaviors, a goal of the training is to align the interests of employees with their employers by explaining how employees benefit when the businesses they work for thrive, and why the specific behaviors and skills taught in the training are valued by employers.

Each of the four modules, Workplace Basics, Workplace Skills, People Skills and Customer Service has its own book, and includes an open book, an on-line certification test that participants must take within 30 days of completing a course. The certification tests are in the format of read a workplace scenario and spot what was done right and what was done wrong; and if something was done incorrectly, how should that situation have been handled. The goal of the certification test is to eliminate employee excuses for not demonstrating the correct skills and behaviors on the job since they proved their understanding and knowledge by passing the certification test. The rewards for passing the test for the employees are certifications that they can use as credentials to help build their careers.

As you can see, unlike most independent work readiness training programs, where the client is the participant; the main clients for our work readiness and customer service training program are businesses. The business model for the employee training program is for businesses to pay for their employees to attend the training, rather than for individuals to enroll themselves in the courses. Of course individuals can attend as well to obtain the certifications which can help in job searches and career growth.

Sign-up for the employee training courses will be at Jupiter High School at 500 North Military Trail, Jupiter, FL, 33458 starting at 6:00 PM from Monday, January 7th to Thursday, January 10th and Monday, January 14th to Thursday, January 17th. Each of the four courses is a one night course, and each will be taught twice during the eight week term. Unlike the other courses, you can sign up for an employee training course during the term as long as there are spaces available.

If you run a venue that would benefit from this program; or are an individual who would like to implement this program in a continuing education program; or if you would like more information about the program at Jupiter High School, please contact Jay Goldberg at jay@JHSDTR.com; or call 206-350-1859, leave a message, and Mr. Goldberg will get back to you.

In addition to the employee training courses, Mr. Goldberg is teaching his entrepreneur course which includes topics such as business plans, strategic planning, marketing, branding, market research, financials and more at both Jupiter Community High School and Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach.

To find out more about the consulting services offered by DTR Inc., visit http://www.dtrconsulting.biz.
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