Furniture Retailers Are Taking Advantage of Emerging No Credit Check Products

Land O Lakes, FL, January 02, 2013 --( A new concept has hit the Furniture Industry, and it is allowing millions to once again become furniture buyers. Due to the fact that credit card issuers have considerably tightened the strings on credit by revoking available credit lines; large ticket purchases had become an unrealistic option for many. That is of course unless they could dish out the entire purchase amount at the time of sale.

In steps the No Credit Check Furniture Financing Program. Basing approval on income and a clean checking account history those with a scarred credit history are once again back in the arena for large ticket items such as furniture. Simply product your most recent paystub and bank statement along with a check and ID and you can then qualify to spread the payments of your furniture purchase over the course of several months. Now if you are thinking there must be an excessively high interest rate attached this is not the case. The Global Check No Credit Check Furniture Financing Program for instance merely charges a plan fee that maxes out at 9% of the amount of the invoice. There are many credit driven financing plans that charge much higher than this. Global Check ISO Brian Stroka states that “No Credit Check Financing Programs are the next big thing considering that over 43 million consumers have a credit score under 600. Those that have been hit hard due to the recent real estate market problems and/or inconsistent employment in the current economic environment, but have gotten back on their feet are not excluded for financing any longer.”

It is not a secret that retail sales need a boost to help the overall health of our nation’s current economic state. New concepts such as the “No Credit Check Financing Program” are a good start in making that happen. SEK Business Solutions is now offering the Global Check No Credit Check Financing Program for Furniture as part of their consulting services.

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