Smarter Security Systems Releases New All-In-One Motion-Triggered DVR and Camera Kit

SmarterDVR 100 ™ is a Portable Battery-Operated DVR/Camera Surveillance Product that Starts Recording When Motion is Detected

Austin, TX, July 26, 2007 --( Smarter Security Systems, Ltd., a leader in outdoor remote surveillance, is excited to announce the introduction of new product in its outdoor DVR line, SmarterDVR 100. SmarterDVR 100 is perfect for surveillance applications where a portable cost-effective security system is needed to monitor an area for vandalism or theft. SmarterDVR features a camera that is color during the day and switches automatically to IR mode at night, and can also record sound. When the unit detects motion within a 15 to 30 foot range, the DVR starts to record. Up to an hour of video is saved on a Flash or memory card in a MPEG video recording format. The DVR is housed in a weatherproof case and is powered by either a rechargeable battery (that can last up to 2-3 weeks) or a solar panel, which comes optional with the unit. SmarterDVR 100 can easily be moved from site to site to monitor theft or vandalism.

According to Mark Ellsworth, Smarter Security’s VP of Sales and Business Development, “SmarterDVR 100 was developed to give people a cost-effective, portable, completely integrated platform for monitoring a site that could be vandalized. The unit is also covert and does not require an outside power source. Deployment is as simple as locking the unit to a tree or pole, turning it on, then coming back to see if you captured any sound and video triggered by motion around the unit”. SmarterDVR 100 can connect to a TV, PC with a memory card reader, or a personal media player for playback of the video. Optional accessories to the SmarterDVR include a solar panel, lock pole mount, remote wireless sensor, extra compact flash, or a personal media player.

To learn more about how SmarterDVR 100 can help secure your remote site, please contact Mark Ellsworth toll free at 800-943-0043 or

SmarterDVR 100 Specifications:

SmarterDVR Product Line

Smarter Security Systems also offers a variety of other outdoor DVR options, which include:

SmarterDVR 200- A pole-mounted covert outdoor DVR with cell modem connectivity

SmarterDVR 300- A buried outdoor DVR with cell modem connectivity

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