All American Copywriters Opens Virtual Doors to Fight Back Against Outsourcing

All American Copywriters has just launched their business and their new website,, to offer high quality Internet content. All materials will be written by the mother daughter team, who are committed to producing excellent work in natural American English.

Kansas City, MO, January 03, 2013 --( All American Copywriters launched their new website this week in response to the outsourcing of writing jobs to foreign writers. The mother-daughter team was set up with the intent of providing top quality Internet content, written only by writers who speak and write English as a first language.

In recent years, several of the major players in internet text production have allowed non-English-speaking writers to join their sites and offer their services to U.S. companies. In cases where writers are asked to present a bid in order to be considered for the job, writers from other countries have the advantage when it comes to pricing.

Nicole Beasley, co-founder of All American Copywriters said, "It has become impossible to compete on certain sites where foreign writers are allowed to present bids as low as one dollar per 500-word article. Americans simply cannot survive, writing for such low pay."

Nicole's partner, Julia, added, "I wonder if companies hiring these writers are aware of the kind of material they produce. I've seen writing so garbled and unintelligible that only a foreign-speaking writer could have written it. I don't think that is the image most American companies would like to present to the public."

With the launch of their new website,, the team is now open for business and ready to take on writing projects immediately. They have a great deal of experience writing articles, press releases, blogs, eBooks, research reports, website content, product descriptions and other types of Internet copy.

Nicole and Julia are also well-versed in current search engine optimization techniques. In the past, some writers and the companies that have hired them have resorted to a technique called "keyword stuffing." In this technique, the keyword is placed over and over again within the content to attract search engines. Now, search engines have become savvier to such practices and high quality content shows up higher than ever on search results pages, without the need to overuse keywords.

With all the work that is going overseas these days, All American Copywriters is determined to join the movement to keep jobs in America. They are ready to accept writing jobs, and are committed to offering prices that are fair and reasonable for high quality internet content. Between their passion for writing and their commitment to excellence, their business has every chance of great success.

About All American Writers

All American Copywriters is a new Internet copywriting business. The company consists of a mother-daughter team with plans to keep the business in the family. The two writers, Nicole Beasley and Julia Thomas, have strong backgrounds in writing Internet copy. Nicole began writing for the Internet seven years ago, while Julia has been writing over five years. They each have a college background in English subjects; Nicole in Journalism and Julia in Creative Writing. is now open for business and ready to accept orders.
All American Copywriters
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