ISPreview UK Study Finds Rising Broadband Satisfaction But Many Still Unhappy

An online survey of over 1200 readers, a consumer information website that covers broadband providers in the United Kingdom, has discovered that 32% of respondents plan to switch ISP in 2013 and service speed remains the biggest area of frustration (40%).

London, United Kingdom, January 04, 2013 --( A new web-based poll of 1200 Internet users in the United Kingdom has claimed that 42% of respondents are "unhappy" with their current broadband ISP, with concerns over poor service speeds and reliability being among the biggest gripes.

An identical question, which was asked by the site at the start of 2012, found that 44.5% of people were "unhappy" with their current ISP. The results suggest a slight improvement in customer satisfaction over the past year and yet some of the key problem areas appear to persist.

Which aspect of your ISP makes you least happy?
Speed - 40.2%
Reliability - 17%
None - 14.5%
Price - 13.7%
Support - 7.3%
Service Restrictions (fup) - 7%

Similarly when respondents were asked a year ago whether or not they intended to swap ISP in 2012, 34% said "Yes", which has fallen to 32% now. However Ofcom's (telecoms regulator) most recent Consumer Experience Report, which sadly only covers the 2011 period, found that just 7% of broadband consumers, including those with bundles, actually did switch.

The study also found that over half of respondents tended to pay close to or more than £20 per month for their broadband service, with 22% paying around £15 and 14% paying in the region of £10. Just 7% paid between £0 (Free) and £5 per month.

"It's pleasing to see that consumer satisfaction with broadband appears to be on the rise," said's Founder, Mark Jackson. "We suspect that this can be at least partly attributed to the growing uptake of superfast broadband in 2012, which has combined with Ofcom's earlier efforts to clamp down on customer service woes at TalkTalk and other providers, to produce a mild improvement."

"Superfast connections are known to be more reliable than the ADSL solutions of old and their availability will only continue to improve. But we shouldn't allow ourselves to become complacent, especially while so many consumers continue to express dissatisfaction. Plenty of room for improvement still exists, such as through Ofcom's forthcoming efforts to enhance the ISP switching process," concluded Jackson.
Mark Jackson