Burrard-Lucas Announces Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Burrard-Lucas Announces Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Chris Minihane Captures Prestigious Wildlife Award

Deerfield, NY, January 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Burrard-Lucas is proud to present its 2012 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award to Chris Minihane for outstanding technical and artistic achievement in wildlife photography combined with the extraordinary accomplishment of capturing the character of the endangered white rhino in the wilds of Africa.

“Chris has managed to get within feet of a very moody and dangerous animal and capture it with artistic brilliance and technical acuity,” stated Matt Burrard-Lucas. “This image stood out amongst thousands as one of the most amazing wildlife photographs we have ever seen.”

Chris Minihane originally hails from the Bay Area in California, eventually spending 14 years in North and East Africa photographing wildlife and Maasai tribesmen in Kenya whilst delving wholeheartedly into photojournalism for the United Nations.

Burrard-Lucas also congratulates Mark Bridger and Paul Cowell as runners up with highly commended photos of an owl over marshes and a white tip reef shark in the cold waters of South Africa.

Will and Matt, owners of Burrard-Lucas Photography, are brothers from the UK with a shared passion for wildlife photography since 2004.

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