eDen Education Currently Giving Away a Free eBook to New Members

eDen Education dental website is now giving away their new 2013 eBook to new members who sign up on their website.

Alexandria, Australia, January 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- eDen Education dental website is now giving away their new 2013 eBook absolutely free to new members who sign up on their website. The company will be adding a new eBook to their website every month for you to enjoy. eDen’s first publication for January 2013 is titled “How Mild Gum Disease Transforms into Periodontal Disease.” This eBook covers an introduction to Periodontal disease and follows on to how periodontal infections transpire; symptoms, stages; treatment; follow up and caring for your teeth and gums, plus working with your dental professional. In addition to all of this valuable content, there are many images that accompany the explanations to give readers a basic idea of the disease and how periodontitis progresses. Readers will find the information intriguing and interesting as they flip through each page, discovering a more valuable analysis as they go along.

For the month of February eDen Education is on target to complete an eBook titled “An Overview on Oral Cancer”. This eBook is an overview of oral cancer that touches on topics such as: An Introduction to Oral Cancer; Oral Cancer Risk Factors; Oral Cancer Symptoms; Diagnosing Oral Cancer; Oral Cancer Treatment; Oral Cancer Treatment Recovery; Rehabilitation and Reconstruction After Oral Cancer Treatment; and Outlook and Follow-up. In addition to this amazing wealth of information, the eBook will also feature a photo gallery that depicts an in-depth look at how oral cancer progresses within a patient. Readers will not be disappointed.

So sign up and stay tuned for their library of valuable eBooks each month that offer a wealth of interesting content for their readers.

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At eDen, their education modules are designed to increase your clinical knowledge and practical skills. They offer content and training through webinars, case studies, webcasts, online courses, quizzes, and articles. For a brief tour of how their education platform works and what you can expect visit: http://www.e-deneducation.com/ and watch their 7 minute site tour on the home page.

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