China and a US War? New Fiction Novel Titled Assassin's Mace by Evan Pedone

New novel predicts future war between United States and China.

Tampa, FL, July 27, 2007 --( This may be front page news in a few years according to military veteran Evan Pedone. Evan Pedone who served in both the U.S. Air Force as well as an Intelligence Analyst in the Army National Guard has a new novel that has recently been released titled Assassin's Mace.

In Assassin's Mace a conspiracy is unveiled in which China and an axis form to dethrone the United States as the world's super power.

The book is along the likes of a Tom Clancy novel however is quite a bit shorter.

"Unique in its writing style," Pedone says, "the book packs a lot of information for a 220-plus page novel. So much in fact that the title wastes little on excess detail and gets right to the point."

The size should favor the majority of people who want the fulfillment of a full size novel yet dont have the time to read the 500 page goliaths that are often released.

"Assassin's Mace is quite possibly the single greatest undertaking in military history," states Evan Pedone.

Careful not to give any spoilers the book is full of inside knowledge of military procedure, top secret military technology, and will fulfill the conspiracy theorist in all of us.

Pedone calls it a "mind-boggling adrenaline rush".

Fans who like authors such as Tom Clancy for conspiracy or even the sci-fi feel of Michael Crichton will undoubtedly take to Evan Pedone's Assassin's Mace. These are two of the novels strong attributes.

Aside from the positive attributes there is something that needs to be addressed. This novel is extremely controversial. It presents information that can be likened to the metaphor "The writing on the wall".

Evan Pedone states that the title is in fact a work of fiction and there is a disclaimer in the front of the novel. However one cannot help to see that the real reason behind the novel is not just to tell a story but to educate the reader in current world affairs.

Simply put. Assassin's Mace is World War 3.

Assassin's Mace is available through most every bookstore and is currently sold on,, and

Evan Pedone is having a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Clearwater Florida on August 5, 2007.

Evan Pedone