Israel, the Jews and the End Times: Not Home Yet Published by Outskirts Press

Walter A. Osterman, Jr., offers here not only a well researched history of the Jews and of Israel, but he provides as well a convincing argument for the world’s predetermined, end days rendezvous.

Cheyenne, WY, January 06, 2013 --( Author Walter A. Osterman, Jr., announced today the release of Not Home Yet, A Tale Concerning Israel’s Rebirth, published by Outskirts Press. In this comprehensive and unique history of the Jewish state, Osterman shows God’s unfailing, eternal promises to his chosen people and makes the point that if He can forgive them for their malicious hatred of His Blessed Son, then whose sins can He not forgive?

Not Home Yet started as a grandfather’s project to show his four grandchildren the remarkable, divine and unique history of the Jews and of Israel. What started with the American concerns in 1938 of the prophesied control by the Jews of the Holy Land has now become a complete historical document with a plethora of well researched information about the Jews and their sacred land.

Osterman’s work contains hundreds of quoted Bible verses, seven appendixes and a glossary, all of which help reinforce a reader’s faith. The author also helps explain, in his own entertaining style, the current rapid accumulation of prophesied end-time signs.

The world has changed considerably since the days of the author’s youth -- when Israel did not even exist -- and today’s youth live in a special age where news of day to day events and activities are bringing the world to its predetermined destination. They must be made aware of these events, the author suggests, in order to understand Biblical scripture and to strengthen their faith.

Any Christian parent or grandparent, any lover of Israel or any fan of nostalgia and history will find value in this impressively thought out and researched work.

Not Home Yet is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

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Will eventually be available in iPad , Nook & Kindle editions Genre: Religion/Christian theology/eschatology

About the author:
Walter Osterman returned from Vietnam a very angry, bitter man. The violent, womanizing, hard-drinking, Bronze Star recipient hated life. On December 12, 1976, Walter invited Jesus Christ into his heart to be his Savior. Since that day, he has been primarily interested in bringing as many souls to heaven with him as possible. Walter lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he is employed by the Southeastern Wyoming Juvenile Center. He periodically conducts religious services at SWJC and teaches Sunday school classes to fifth and sixth graders at a local Calvary Chapel. In this, his first book, Walt offers the reader a glimpse into what lead him to faith in Jesus: God’s unfailing, eternal promises to His chosen people.

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