Punch TV Stocks Rise 85%

Punch TV starts off the new year right with a 85% rise in stock prices. Once people get a taste of our “Punch” there will be no turning back.

Signal Hill, CA, January 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- IC Punch Media, Inc. ( PNCH ) -- Punch TV Founder and CEO Joseph Collins opens the office for the first time this year, only to discover that the company's stock price has risen by 85%.

“I knew with the launch of our 17 additional affiliates across the country from Los Angeles to Atlanta to New York we had seen a surge in viewership and our social media is hitting almost a million impressions weekly (according to tweetreach.com), but this is even better than I expected,” said Collins. “I guess investors are getting the message that America is tuning into Punch TV and if this is any indication of what is ahead for our new urban network which reaches 58 million US homes via free over-the-air TV (OTA), I believe that more investors are going to sip from the Punch TV bowl.”

“Unlike many of our competitors that target the urban market, Punch TV launched with 70 percent original content that runs the gamut from reality shows, talk shows scripted series and has many new projects in development for its 2013 lineup,” said Collins. Once people get a taste of our “Punch” there will be no turning back. Punch TV is America’s best urban television network.

The Punch TV is a wholly own company of IC Punch Media, Inc. and trades on the OTC market under the PNCH symbol.

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